Quick Review // Lady Monsoon- Live@Five

On Sunday afternoon I went to The Penny Bank pub on Scunthorpe High Street for LIVE@FIVE SUNDAY. It is proving to be a popular place to go on a Sunday afternoon for a real mix of friendly people.

Full house at The Penny Bank

This week it was female fronted covers band, Lady Monsoon.

As I entered the venue, every seat was taken and the venue looked pretty busy. The atmosphere was nice and chilled though, with people facing the band and taking in the performance.

I hadn’t experienced a performance from Lady Monsoon before but I had heard good things about the band and seen their name on various gig posters across the area. I was really impressed with the band. They sounded great, especially the vocals from Crystal. They made the covers their own and gave off a great energy and passion for performing.

As mentioned above, Crystal takes lead vocals and she has such a varied vocal range and a strong defined tone to her voice, obviously complimented well by the musical talent behind her, Andy on Guitar, Mick on bass and Phil on the drums.

Lady Monsoon

The band covered a huge variety of songs, including various hits from Blondie, Way You Make Me Feel by MJ, Kids In America, Part-time lover, Footloose and so many more. Even on my lemonade and lime I was tapping along and singing the songs.

Lady Monsoon played from daylight until dark and people didn’t seem to take their eyes off the performance. Singing along and clapping their hands and a few even got up to dance. I like this about Live Sunday afternoons at The Penny Bank, it’s daylight outside and it’s a chilled environment, with people having a few drinks and then dusk draws in and before you know it, it’s dark outside, the disco lights are glowing and it’s a party!

The band showed real professionalism, even holding back the laughter when a gentleman and his small dog took to the dancefloor for a boogie. It was a great atmosphere and you get some real characters but it creates a fun and welcoming vibe.

It was really great to see so many people out on a Sunday afternoon supporting live music and I really enjoyed the band, as did everyone else there. No doubt the band will be returning for another live Sunday in the near future.

This Sunday 16th June, it’s big tribute Sunday down at the Penny Bank. With nominated top tribute Mercury & May! Tickets are £5 online and at the bar.

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