Gig Review // Ramble Gamble & Momma’s Days @ Penny Bank

On Sunday night it was the launch of new LIVE@FIVE music Sunday’s at The Penny Bank in Scunthorpe Town Centre.

Town was pretty quiet all over, as it is usually on a Sunday afternoon so we didn’t know whether to expect many people at the LIVE@FIVE launch and it was raining and cold outside. Upon entering the Penny Bank there was already a few people already in whilst the band finished setting up and sound checking.

The bands performing for the afternoon were two of the Folk Night Live bands, Momma’s Days Are Done & Ramble Gamble.

First to play were local band “Momma’s Days Are Done” throughout the set the venue seemed to be getting busier with gig goers popping in to see the live music and have a few chilled Sunday beers…and rounds of shots lol.

The atmopshere was very warm and welcoming. I have never actually been to the Penny Bank when live music has been on so I wasn’t sure what the sound and acoustics would be like, but I was pleasantly suprised and both bands sounded great.

Momma’s Day’s Are Done played a great set of original songs and got people’s toes tapping. The band is made up of members Nick Akester, Chris Cooper, Matt Hercock and Tom Pogson. It was really nice to see most people were all facing the musicians and actually taking in the music and taking notice. The lead singer of the band, Nick has a really soulful and powerful voice with just the right tone for the genre they perform. My particular favourite song in the set would probably have to be “The Uniformed Horseman”, it’s just quite catchy.

There was a little break while the bands switched over and Ramble Gamble took to the stage. It’s nice to see these bands share some their members also. Ramble Gamble is lead by singers Matt Hercock, Sian Hart and Jonny Lavin with their also talented tribe of musicians behind them, Chris Logan, who is a fantastic bassist, Slim Joe Jackson on lead guitar and harmonica and Benjamin Green on Cajon. The band don’t take themselves too seriously at all and just have fun whilst they play and they also add a little bit of comedy and playfulness to their music. Howling like wolves, that can be heard from down the street for example.

Both bands are a real eclectic mix of musicians with various musical talents and backgrounds and there really doesn’t seem like an instrument they can’t play. They definitely livened up a Sunday night in Scunthorpe Town Centre.

All in all it was a good night and really nice to see such a good turn out. There were a lot of new faces I wouldn’t usually expect to see at The Penny Bank pub so it was really great for people to give it a try. If you want to see what else is coming up for LIVE@FIVE SUNDAY’S, CLICK HERE!

If you attended and have any feedback about the night, let us know and we will pass it on to the venue.

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One thought on “Gig Review // Ramble Gamble & Momma’s Days @ Penny Bank

  1. Koostix are looking forward to a long awaited return to this always friendly venue! See you Sunday – Live at 5!


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