Mini Reviewer // Uncle Henry’s Farm Open Day

We decided we would let a mini Reviewer take over and write what they thought of the day because the true opinion of Uncle Henry’s target audience is probably better than an adults.

Uncle Henry’s farm is near Gainsborough about 20mins drive from Scunthorpe. Today it opened it’s gates today to hundreds of visitors for their free entry open day.

There was a main arena, which also contained huge farming machinery for the kids to look at and climb aboard. There weren’t many animals on show and most activities were chargeable, except the free playground.

Reviewer : Storm.K, Age:12

Today we went to Uncle Henry’s farm for the first time. There was a dog show, but it wasn’t really a dog show because a woman was just walking around asking people what the dogs names were and even talking to the dogs!!! But they were cute.

You could pay £2 to go and touch the giant tortoises inside the pen but you could just touch them from outside the gate for free.

My brother went in to get up close to the tortoises, one of them weighed 30 stone and was bigger than us. My little brother also had a go at the archery, this was 50p for 3 arrows.

There was a cool obstacle course for kids in the park and cool massive vehicles in the field.
There was a large variety of stalls to look at. We even watched the sheep 🐑 being sheered, which I’d never seen before.

My favourite part was the animals and my least favourite part was the toilets as we used portaloos and there was no toilet roll.

I probably wouldn’t go there again on a normal day because there wasn’t a great deal to do but on the other hand the animals were amazing and the open day was busy. I’m not sure what there would be to do when it wasn’t an open day.

Thanks to Storm for the review. As Storm said we are not really sure what the farm has to offer on a day to day basis and we didn’t try the cafe, although it looked very nice. The farm shop is quite expensive as you would expect for a fresh produce independent supplier. I’d recommend the farm if you are looking for something to do for a few hours just for a look around.

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