Gig Review // Different Oceans, The Voques & Lizzie Goddard

Different Oceans, The Voques and Lizzie Goddard at The Lincoln Imp on Saturday 24th March 2018.

It has been a while since I attended a local gig, mainly due to illness and bad weather, but I was really interested in checking out the three local acts performing on this night.

I have already seen one of the performers before, seen another perform but not in their new group and had heard good stuff about the other, so I felt like it was going to be a good night.

Opening the night was Lizzie Goddard, a fantastic solo vocalist and guitarist, who I have seen perform before.

Lizzie’s set was mostly new material, so a lot of the songs won’t have been familiar to those in attendance, but her performance won over the crowd.

Despite feeling ill, Lizzie still managed to perform her set to a high standard, including songs based on her own life experiences and finishing off with a cover of Dido’s “White Fly”.

The Voques, featuring former Dirty Sterling member Jonni McGrath, followed up with their Indie / Alternative style of music.

Having already seen Jonni perform, I knew the band had potential, so I was glad to see they didn’t disappoint.

Already building up a local following, the four-piece bands music sounded familiar, even though I hadn’t heard them before and they were playing their own songs.

I really felt the addition of the keyboard player made this band stand out from other bands playing similar styles of music and thought the band played well together.

The headline act was a rare appearance from the local trio known as Different Oceans, who are currently based in Manchester, but come from Scunthorpe.

It was my first time seeing the band, but they impressed with their set of Indie / Alternative tunes, showing just how talented they are.

This was yet another fantastic performance on the night, with the guys performing well as unit, with the crowd really enjoying it.

I unfortunately had to leave early, after the band had performed a few original songs and a cover of The Police’s hit “Message In A Bottle”, but enjoyed what I saw and heard and would happily check them out again.

Overall I felt all three acts were fantastic and put on a great performance, with any of the acts being more than capable of headlining the event, so I would recommend checking out them all if you have the chance.

Photos & Review courtesy of Steven Potter

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