Review // Cirque Enchantment at The Baths Hall

Sunday night in Scunthorpe, we headed to The Baths Hall for Cirque Enchantment. There was a real mix of ages at the show. The set was simple yet still visually stunning with the lighting. With white umbrellas and drapes of fabric strewn across the stage.

img_20180218_221130_910850082503.jpgThe show didn’t waste any time getting into the action; it was a full stage of singing, dancing and circus tricks throughout.

The costume changes and designs were extravagant and some quite revealing. There wasn’t a minute that something wasn’t happening on the stage and a lot of the time we couldn’t decide where to focus or who to look at because there was just so much going on.

There was a lot of singing, mostly well-known hits, perhaps a little too much singing at times as it distracted from the performances on stage happening around them. There were swinging on trapezes mid-air, dangling on ropes and twirling of fabrics. There was mad hula hooping, one handed balancing, juggling, stilt uni-cycling and even some fire.

There was never a dull moment on stage and it seemed to satisfy everyone young and old. It was different from anything I have seen before, although the tricks weren’t dangerously breath taking it was very skilled and the performers worked very hard. I think we are probably harder to shock though having seen a lot of shows in Hull City Of Culture, which involved Ariel acrobatics in outdoor spaces and we have to remember Cirque Enchantment are having to perform all this on a stage, which isn’t very big for the amount of people and activities that were going on, so they did very well to fit it all in and keep the shows smooth.

The second half started with a bit more of a turn to the dark side with costume changes and a bit more of a sinister element. The guy twirling and spinning a big cube frame structure on his head and around him was pretty impressive. Every performer took on the challenge of bringing something to the stage in their own unique way.

This show was fantastic for all the family, with enough to keep anyone entertained. The turnout for a school night wasn’t too bad either. The lighting for the show looked a bit tricky, with so much movement and so much going on at once. All in all, this was a great production and well worth watching. The effort and talent in the show along with the stunning costume changes were visually interesting to watch. I think there was perhaps an underlying storyline to the show but it wasn’t all that clear and there wasn’t any speaking parts introduced, nevertheless a good night out. Sorry there aren’t any images as photography was strictly prohibited for the show.


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One thought on “Review // Cirque Enchantment at The Baths Hall

  1. Perfect family night. My son 8 years old loved the show. Mostly was fascinated and amazed by fire . Thank you so much

    Loads of love and success 😘
    Alma& Harry

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