Gig Review // The Ming City Rockers, Audrey & The Sub Gents

Saturday night, I made my way to arguably one of the top independent music Venues in Scunthorpe providing live music, The Lincoln Imp in Scunthorpe .

There were three bands on the line up, for any person who wanted to pass the night away with good company, good drink and live music.

Audrey opened the night, a four piece band from Hull. They worked very hard and soon got the atmosphere in the Imp warmed up. Personally the drummer Tom stood out for me, who kept a driving beat going and the lead guitarist who could certainly make his guitar talk. They did a set comprising of all self-penned numbers, including songs called Jumping Jack Flash, Bad Situation among many more.

The set list of songs were all performed with enthusiasm and force with frantic playing of instruments. Audrey is a band I would like to see again perhaps as a headliner.

When I spoke with Tom he told me that the band had a full month of dates but were appearing at the fruit in Hull in March.

As the evening had now got off to an excellent start with shouts and whistles from the lively audience still hyped from Audrey’s performance it was now the turn of Scarborough’s Sub -Gents to delight the crowd.

This was done with a selection of numbers from there album The Cloakroom.
These are guys are only a trio but they lose nothing in there sound they consist of drums, bass guitar and Lead guitar the ability of the base player Noel Taylor to play rhythm on the bass gives the trio an all-round full sound. Noel classed the band as rock with punk leanings but they covered a mixture of musical genres. Again they all played at a fast and furious pace, with Noels Bass being to the fore as he strutted round the Stage. The Set Comprised of tracks with hints of New wave, punk and psychedelic rock.

The Sub Gents are another band that has a full diary of dates, but who are also returning to the Recording Studio to produce another album. Sub- Gents could headline shows on their own.

It was now time for the last band of the evening The Ming City Rockers. I had heard good reports on this band and knew they had airtime on local radio.

Well they were well worth seeing. Other reviews have called their music garage rock, in my opinion they are definitely punk. The way in which they deliver there set with attitude and insults. This band delivers a high octane set. The lead singer came over the barrier as did the head banging bassist. As they played songs from there two albums, The Ming City Rockers and Lemon. The band have toured Europe and they supported Bronx in January.

They didn’t disappoint the people that were there to see them. The performance was excellent and I really enjoyed their 50 minute set. I know they have been going since around 2013 and have already achieved a lot but this is a band that could go a lot further. Although I have never seen them in the bigger venues I feel this band would give 110% whatever size the venue was.

In conclusion The Lincoln Imp in Scunthorpe put forward a strong case of showing gig goers a good night at an Independent Venue.

Review by New reviewer: William Hazon
Photos courtesy of Steven Potter
Edited by LGM

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