Review// Lee Memphis King “One Night Of Elvis”

We took our seats at the Baths Hall in Scunthorpe for One Night of Elvis with top tribute act Lee Memphis King.

The Baths Hall was very busy with new and returning audience members. A sea of faces waited eagerly for the show to start and as the lights went down and the band took to the stage the crowd clapped and cheered. 

The 2018 show focuses on the Vegas Years of Elvis’s career with Lee faithfully recreating all of the hits from the Elvis Presley concert years 1969 to 1977. 
Lee performed the well known hits like Suspicious Minds & Hound Dog but there were several obscure songs, which are sure to please the most ardent Elvis Presley fans.

When performing the hit Johnny B Goode, the lead guitarist from the band played the main chords with his instrument placed behind his head, which I’m sure is probably even harder than it looks.

Lee gave his performance great energy with some typical Elvis moves and leg shakes thrown in along the way.

The lighting complimented the production perfectly with light flashes for the dramatic drum pounded endings to tracks. As well as the theatrical spotlights and smoke. The part I also enjoyed were the slides behind on the backdrop featuring an array of images and video clips, from fans screaming faces to the more iconic images of Elvis himself.

The band were all individually talented and a nice addition to the band set up was the brass section.

Lee’s vocals and the backing were on point and the women whistled and cheered.

This show was certainly a popular one for both men and women, young and old.

“Absolutely Brilliant” said one audience member.

“He really gives you your money’s worth” said another.

Luckily for fans of the show Lee will be returning to the Baths Hall again next January with another shake up of his tribute to The King.

I’d recommend this show even if you’re not a hardcore Elvis fan. You are bound to know more than a few of the songs featured.

Everyone left with smiling faces and I’m sure many of them will be returning for round two next year. But until then why not check out the other touring shows booked in at The Baths Hall for 2018.

Lee Memphis King Website

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