Review//Heroes & Foes: Cleethorpes Comic Con

Geeks Events presents Heroes & Foes: Cleethorpes, Cleethorpes Leisure Centre. 

On Saturday 11th November 2017, Geeks Events returned to Cleethorpes Leisure Centre, for their latest Comic Con event called Heroes & Foes.

The event featured appearances from Hannah Spearitt (S Club 7, Primeval & Seed of Chucky), James Mackenzie (Raven) and Ross Mullan (Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Sharknado 5 and Bear Behaving Badly).

There was plenty to see and do with appearances from the fantastic charity fundraising group, The SuperHeroes Cosplay, who travel all over the country almost every weekend in cosplay raising funds for several charities but mainly Ashgate Hospice.

There were talks with cosplayers, chats on how to start cosplaying, how to make props and Youtuber Michael Lunatic Videos was filming for his channel.

There was also chances to win prizes in games such as Geeks own version of “Deal or No Deal” and a huge assortment of stalls to buy a wide selection of geeky memorabilia from.

Doctor Who fans were treated to appearances from  Dr Who cosplayer Richard Ashton, Daleks and Davros, whilst Super Hero fans were treated to a fantastic display featuring the Batpod which was part of The SuperHeroes Cosplay groups display.

There was also a Star Wars display which featured some of the droids from the movies as well as another display featuring the Wampa from The Empire Strikes Back.

There was also huge number of cosplayers and a cosplay competition.

Geeks Events will be returning to the Cleethorpes Leisure Centre next year on Saturday 31st March 2018, with guests rumoured to include names from Dr Who and Star Wars.

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