Gig Review// Crazytown & LOKA

We made it to the Lincoln imp for the Japanese band LOKA the main support for the Crazy Town UK tour.

These guys looked like a very cool bunch and the crowd seemed to really take to them.The lead singer of LOKA “Kihiro” had some good vocals and crowd interaction. The band were very energetic onstage and pulled off a great performance with everyone’s hands in the air.wp-15086697837791781344938.jpgNext up were the US band Crazy Town, most well known in the UK for their 1999 release of song “Butterfly”.

Crazy Town still have it, years down the line they can still put on a pumped show for the fans. They ran through a set list of their music and finished with Butterfly, but it wasn’t over yet as the crowd wanted more, the chant “2 more songs” echoed the room and the band came back to fulfil the crowds request.

Musically,a tight band with good vocals and plenty of energy. Lead singer Seth (Shifty Shellshock) was a great showman and just so rockstar, from the way he dressed to his stage presence.

The atmosphere at the venue was great and everyone seemed to enjoy the night. We went backstage to hang out with Crazy Town after the show and we can honestly say they were lovely guys, so down to earth and with a good sense of humour. We did a little video, which you can find down the bottom of the page.

I also have to mention the Lincoln Imp for hospitality to the acts, Lorraine and the team couldn’t do enough to make sure the bands were happy and had all they needed. There was food and beer all over the place and the band commented on the welcoming atmosphere of the people and the venue. All in all Crazy town gave Scunthorpe a thumbs up and we give them a big one back.

Big thanks to Crazy town for chatting to us and to the Lincoln Imp for sorting it out. it’s just a short review as the chat we had in the green room is below.

Please be advised the video contains strong language.

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