Gig Review // The Hubbards

For the first time we went to FRUIT in Hull. Fruit is a unique ex-warehouse cultural space on Humber Street in Hull.

Of late this area of Hull has become a tourist attraction with new trendy shops and bars popping up along and around it. We hadn’t attended a gig at FRUIT before but i’d say it shares similarities with Scunthorpe’s Cafe Indie for it’s quirkiness.
Firstly the beer menu is very extensive, full of world beers with many wonderful colourful cans and a variety of strange flavours and it’s impressive the staff know which one your pointing at on the drinks menu to find in the bar behind them.

The headline band of the night were the band I wanted to see, I’ve followed them online for a while, seen their videos and added their songs to my deezer playlist but never actually seen them live. The band I’m talking about is Hull band The Hubbards. I don’t think they have ever played Scunthorpe, which is a shame as I think they would be well received here. They have quite an array of catchy songs in their back catalogue.

The room was packed by the time the band were due on stage and there seemed to be a lot of returning fans with a varied age range, which was nice to see, even an elderly gentleman in a suit.

I know a few of The Hubbards tracks but I know my favourites and I think they seemed to be the most popular with the fans also. I must say that the vocals in the band are absolutely top notch from lead vocalist Reuben Driver. He has a really interesting tone to his voice and an impressive range of notes can come out of his mouth.

The band bring a jangling, happy sound to the stage but with a good punch of harder drum & guitar to back it.
They played their newest single “Body Confident”. I really like the intro of the song as with many of their songs the starting lyrics draw you in with a melodic tune to accompany, it is a little bit lighter in sound than some of the other songs.

I have to say my favourite is “Is It Me?” one of their older songs. I just feel this song has a really infectious riff throughout and I often find myself singing it in my head. This song seems a lot heavier in parts than some of the others. Another good solid favourite is “Dog Bite”.

The song “Just Touch” shows off Rueben’s vocals a bit more with a higher range. I can’t say they have any bad songs. They are all good in their own right. Just some stay with you more than others. I’ve added some links to the bottom so see if it gets stuck in your head for the day and let us know what you think.

They aren’t the most energetic band i’ve seen on stage but they were still good performers and I don’t think they need to jump around as their music is good enough without. You can see the passion for their music in their performance. 

I assume FRUIT must be one of their favourite venues in Hull to play but I did find it didn’t quite match up to the sound quality we are used to from venues in Scunthorpe like the Lincoln Imp and Cafe INDIE. Maybe it was just the building acoustics, but it seemed quite buzzy and a little too loud for the place which drowned the vocals out at times, which was a shame.

If you ever see The Hubbard’s on a line up or are looking for something to add to your playlist, give them a go. 

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