Review // The Magic Of Motown

The Magic Of Motown returned to the Scunthorpe Baths Hall.

The auditorium was full of Motown fans as they took their seats for a night of classics they love. We took our seats and infront of us was a striking backdrop of Las Vegas and billboards of well known Motown acts such as The Jackson 5, The Supremes, Stevie Wonder and more.

The shows band took to the stage with a keyboard player, drummer, bassist and lead guitar.

The show was fronted by seven singers, three women and four men, who all had good voices and the moves to match. There was a costume change every two or three songs. The changes got some audience reactions especially when the guys all came out in white tuxedos.

Now I’m not a massive motown fan and the audience was prodominatly people who were brought up with that era of music but motown is everywhere and unavoidable so its impossible not to know at least some of the songs in the show so it’s not too hard to stand up, dance and join in. (Providing you were told it was safe to do so)A group of ladies from the higher tier of seats went to dance in the bottom stairwell as this was the only option for them. People in the lower tiers danced in their footspace infront of their seat. I know health and safety is important but sometimes it seems abit mad and to be honest it distracted me from the show, looking at who was going to be told off next.

I think for events like this held at the Baths Hall a dance floor at the bottom and seats at the back might work a lot better so people have to option of seated or standing. It would also save the staff alot of finger wagging.

For a slower number the audience were encouraged by the cast to take out their phones and put on their torch lights, which was funny as the lad working at the venue kept having to tell people off for using their flash prior to this.

All the singers had decent abilities and alot of stamina to keep going all the way through with all the costume changes and dancing.
One of the guys is a bit of a comedian and does a lot to try get some laughs. He sings the Stevie Wonder songs brilliantly and mimics the manorisms well but I wasn’t sure about the pretending to be blind part.

The female cast members had some striking outfits and wigs throughout which mixed it up a bit visually.

The show does have some comedy value, the voiceover announces and 4 of the guys enter stage in pretty comical costumes and big afro wigs to provide backing for one of the female cast to sing as little Michael Jackson.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and the show keeps returning to town every year so it’s clearly popular. The majority of people were up dancing by the second half but that could be with help from the alcohol.

The highlight of the night for me was when the cast invited a bride to be on stage to dance us through Stevie Wonders, very superstitious. She was a fantastic addition to the show. It was really entertaining watching the cast copy her moves as though she belonged in the cast and she really did know how to boogie.

The end introduces you to the bands and cast. The lead guitarist showed off his skills with a one handed little solo.

If you like Motown then this show could be for you. My partner really enjoyed it as did most others there and it will be coming back to Scunthorpe next year with a new motown show.

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