Be a sponsor of Scunthorpe Nights

Hey everyone,
Since the website started back in 2013 we have been paying the hosting and domain from our own pockets. It is now up for it’s yearly renewal.

It would be lovely if you use Scunthorpe Nights as a member of the general public to see what’s on or as a useful resource or advertise through Scunthorpe Nights if you could donate as little as 50p through PayPal towards this year’s hosting & domain costs. It would be very much appreciated to keep us online for another year.

Local Businesses or event promoter can decide to donate a little more to advertise on our front page or Business page.



(Please email details to

(Please email details to Advert will stay on Sponsored links page for 12 months. Sponsor Links page here.

I realise asking people to part with their money is a hard thing to do but all articles,sharing,posting and attendance of events are done voluntarily and in our spare time and web hosting and domain costs add up over the years.

We have the basic wordpress so no fancy templates or add ons to pay for but the site still occurs charges.

What your donation will go towards:

  • Web hosting
  • Domain name

If you chose to donate you will be listed as a sponsor of the site for this year. We are not for profit so all proceeds raised will go towards web hosting & domain of the website.

Running Scunthorpe Nights does cost money as our reviewers will sometimes have to pay for shows and events, transport to get to reviews etc.

Thank you 🙂

For just £5 this could be your ad or article for 2 months on the homepage.


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