NEW Nightclub // Will this fill the VOID?

As you know the club Showboat/Storm has been shut for a couple of months now. Unlike a lot of night spots in town, it is re opening soon!

The new owners of the venue promise something different that Scunthorpe hasn’t seen before but what can revellers expect?

The previous venue layout lacked a lot in presentation and WOW factor. It was bare, sparse and quite unimpressive. I’ve heard it described as looking like an empty kitchen shop.

The new owners aren’t rushing things and have been taking their time to improve the venue with extensive indoor building work so maybe revellers can expect to see a big change?

We never much of a Showboat or Storm fan, more a Henry’s and Schnapps back in the day but we will aim to give this new look VOID a chance and check it out and let you know.

The usual problem with certain venues is stigma and out of the remaining venues in town, this probably held the most. It was a bit like marmite, people either love it or hate it in there. I have hope the stigma can be lifted and people will give it a shot. It’s refreshing to see someone is trying to improve it so it would be only fair that if you are on a night out and pass by to go in and have a look.

There are rumoured opening dates, but on the official Facebook there is no give away yet. Mid July the venue were searching for their new VOID crew and DJ’s.

So for those of you who loved the place, I don’t think you will be waiting much longer but you will just have to be patient.

So what do you think Scunthorpe can expect from VOID? Will you be visiting?

Visit the Facebook page 

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