Review// Metal 2 The Masses Grand Final

Lizard King Promotions presents Bloodstock: Metal 2 the Masses Lincolnshire Final, Café INDIEpendent, Scunthorpe on Friday 7th July 2017.

Café INDIEpendent was the place to be for local metal music fans, as they hosted the final of the Bloodstock festivals Metal 2 the Masses Lincolnshire final, which gave local bands the chance to compete for a spot at the festival.

Bloodstock is an outdoors heavy metal weekend festival, taking place in Derbyshire, which has been running since 2005 and has had acts such as Motorhead, Megadeth, Alice Cooper, Slayer and Rob Zombie amongst the huge number of acts perform.

The line up for the night featured winners from earlier rounds, which were also held at Café INDIEpendent, as well as last years competition winners performing a bonus set as well.

There was also a representative from the Bloodstock festival who was there to judge the acts and choose the winner.

Being the Lincolnshire final, I had gone expecting to see bands from Lincolnshire, but there were acts from various different places, as this competition was just held in Lincolnshire and bands from outside of Lincolnshire were able to enter.

This did not matter as I was treated to 5 very good bands, each with their own style and all very good at what they did.

Liberatae Mae, a hardcore metal act from Kingston upon Hull, started the night.

The second act was Battalions, who describe themselves as heavy rock with extreme vocals, who were also from Kingston Upon Hull.

This was followed by Ritual King, a heavy blues act, who came from Manchester.

The fourth band were Hundred Year Old Man, a post metal band, who are from Leeds.

The final act was Buffalode, who are a heavy blues rock duo, who come from Lincoln.

Whilst the Bloodstock representative chose who he was going to announce the winner, the 2016 Lincolnshire winners Regulus, who are a hard rock band from Sheffield performed.

I had to leave as Regulus took to the stage so were unable to see them perform, as well as missing the winner being announced, but it did not surprise me to hear that Hundred Year Old Man had won, as when I think of Bloodstock, I think of heavy metal and loud music and they were one of heavier acts on the night.

It was my first time attending a Lizard King Promotions event and it definitely seemed great value for money with six bands for £6.

I look forward to seeing what other events they have planned and will hopefully be able to attend another one soon.

Videos of the show can be found via

Review by Steven Potter

Published by Scunthorpe Nights

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