Food Review// Wings International #Hull

Warning: Honesty
It was Wednesday night and we travelled over the Humber Bridge to Wings in Hull. We weren’t expecting it to be very busy on a Wednesday but there was quite a few people in, with that we expected the food turnover to be quite good. Although the staff were topping up the food it was very poor quality. I don’t expect excellence from places like this with mass produced buffets but a lot of the food was inedible and other popular buffet restaurants manage it.
Everything was over cooked, which you could argue that is better than under cooked. The roast meats were so dry you needed a saw to cut through and grey in colour. All the fried chicken etc was very hard and over fried. The Satay sticks were chewy and tough.

I opted for the meat in sauce dishes, as I thought the meat would be more tender but to be completely honest it was like chewing rubber. We really struggled to eat this food and I did keep trying different things to see if anything was better but we eventually gave up.

I had took my friend for his birthday treat and it was his first experience at Wings and he was quite clear he wouldn’t bother visiting again.

For £12 it was not good value for money. The actual venue is nice but the off putting thing is the abundance of A4 warning signs all around the place and on the welcoming wall as you enter. Very strict rules. If you leave plates full a warning issued on one sign said you must pay £5 extra per plate left. If the food is already on your plate and it’s not eatable then this rule is absolute rubbish and I’d have been quite annoyed.


Really not sure what this is (Maybe Tofu in my Sushi)


Also another thing that really put me off, which seemed a bit off was on the teppanyaki grill the chef used two metal tools to poke, move and stab the meat as it cooked on the hot plate. As I stood waiting for my steak I was horrified as everyone else added their requests and he slapped on raw chicken and lamb etc next to the steak and poked and squashed the raw chicken with the same tool he was flipping raw salmon and cooked steak with. Surely that is cross contamination. Raw chicken on a spatula and picking up cooked meats with it. Is this normal?

Secondly you pay £3.60 for a refillable drink. Not only do you have to queue at the bar every time you want your free refill they re use your glass. So I went with two glasses and got the same two back and didn’t know which one belonged to which. I don’t really find that acceptable by any means that they can’t even be bothered to rinse a glass or wash some ready for refills.

Dessert, my friend got a pancake, which probably could have seen some butter and a hot plate for a bit longer with its chewy beige texture. Even the smiley face didn’t make up for the fact it tasted liked s**t.

I’ve been before at dinner times when it’s cheaper and for £6 I suppose you deal with the fact it’s not that great but night time at full price. It really ruined my friend’s birthday experience. I felt rather disappointed for him.

Was it just a bad day? I’m not sure but I feel for the price it could have been a lot better. It’s more quantity than quality and can definitely be improved. The food all looked quite nice it just wasn’t. Should you try Wings? I’d advise maybe once as it could vary in quality but there are better similar format restaurants about that appear to be better. Perhaps people do settle for it as it is the only one I know of in Hull so people are ultimately going to chose it as there isn’t another buffet style place like it in the area.

Any suggestions for a better buffet place welcome, Cosmos and Red hot are not bad at all but do you know of any hidden gems?

Overall dining experience:

Our Rating (5 Out of 5):

Service: ★★★
Hygiene: ★★
Price & value for money: ★★
Overall Dining experience: ★★ 1/2


Apologies if this review has caused offence to anyone but at Scunthorpe Nights we prefer an honest opinion.

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