Review // Yorkshire Wildlife Park

About 40 minutes drive from Scunthorpe is Yorkshire Wildlife park in Doncaster. Luckily it was a sunny day as everything is outside and the only thing under cover is the cafe and monkey play area. The park was busy as it was Bank Holiday.

We entered the park through the ticket booths, costing £17 an adult. Which initially does seem quite pricey especially if you were taking the family.
Children under 15 cost £14 and under 2’s are free. Although the ticket price wasn’t cheap there was plenty to see for your money.

IMG_20170501_185344_226Nearest to the entrance is the 3 meerkat and mongoose enclosures. It’s nice as you don’t have to look through glass at them.The pens are open top so you can see them running from pen to pen through the tube.
These are a pretty popular attraction. The park has a lot of building and improvement work going on so there were a lot of construction site areas and cordoned off but it will be exciting to see what all these areas are being regenerated for.

IMG_20170501_184735The Baboon enclosure was probably our favourite as you can look down from a height at the animals below and they are less than boring to observe. Very active and funny to watch. Sometimes a little rude.

Alot of the paths through woodland we lovely to walk through with a sea of bluebells either side of the path. Hidden in the woods is another new project yet to be opened. A huge play fort made from wood. It looks pretty epic in size and overall design. Kids are going to love it.IMG_20170501_185238_464
Even though there is a lot to see you can probably do the park in around 2-3 hours but there are plenty of parks for the kids to play if you finish looking at the animals.

The Polar bears are a little far away so you do struggle to see them but we did spot 3. There is also a new Camel reserve addition to the park with adult and young camels strolling around just by the new adventure playground behind the Giraffe enclosure.

The food on site was basic for the price, but you expect this at these places so we took our own. There is plenty of lovely picnic areas open and under cover.

The park also has 3 walk throughs, this is where you get a little closer to some of the animals, but advised you don’t touch. One of the walk throughs is the Wallaby’s. These are pretty friendly and will hope across the paths past you. Some even do let you stroke them and most are carrying young joey’s in their pouches that pop their heads out every now and then.IMG_20170501_133830
Another is the Lemurs, these really aren’t scared of humans but you are advised not to touch them. They will freely jump across the trees in front of your face and run along the ground past you. Some may even get curious as one did near a pushchair. These also have a few young so you get to see some cute babies attached to their mums backs.
The last walk through as the other end of the park has about 3 different animals in one walkround Capybara, Mara’s and monkey’s.

Around the park there are plenty of informative facts about each animal and all the animals seem quite happy in their environment. The lions are divided into prides and have pretty large enclosures but they will tend to sit near to the edges and look at you so you can see one not too far away.

I won’t go into every single animal as their were so many to see, big and small. We really enjoyed being able to look at these animals in a open air environment without wire blocking the view. The park itself is well maintained and well run and there is plenty of staff about if you need any help with anything.

I would recommend this as a day out, whether you have kids or not it’s still a good experience. There were a lot of children running about but there were also a lot of adults who had gone in couples for a day out, so don’t feel like you can only visit if you have little ones.

If you want to check out what the park has to offer then visit the website.

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