Food Review // NYC Bar & Grill #Hull

So we won’t very often post out of town food reviews but some of you may like to venture out of town for a bite to eat.

We visited the new restaurant NYC Bar & Grill on the top floor of St Stephens in Hull, close to the Paragon station.

The restaurant itself was quite small and quite busy so we thought that was probably a good sign. The staff were very helpful and attentive to checking your drink was refilled.

We were seated on a wooden bench style table with what resembles school chairs. The place is rather trendy looking and so were the prices. The cheapest burger was over £10. So for that price we sort of expected something abit special in the form of a burger.

The wait was a little longer than expected for a burger but it was busy. When they arrived they looked pretty average with a separate bucket of chips, which were mainly scraps of thin potato. We were asked if we wanted any sauce and brought little pots. I can’t complain at all about the staff or service as that was the plus to this place.

The nacho burger, they had made their own nachos, which you would think “oh, that’s better than some doritos” but it actually wasn’t, they were fried tasteless triangles of crispness. It also had cheese and coleslaw in with the beef burger. The burger as a whole was very tasteless with little to no seasoning or grill taste. It honestly may aswell have been a bun with some lettuce and coleslaw as there just wasn’t any flavour. Very bland food. As were the other burgers ordered.

Nacho burger

They also do a peanut butter burger. Basically the same as the previous burger but latherings of smooth peanut butter. Not sure about this combo at all. There was an option of chicken or beef burger. Maybe would work better to have gone for the chicken.

Peanut butter burger 🥜

The 3rd burger was new Yorker, just standard is all that can be said. Non of us were impressed with our first visit to NYC Bar & grill. Nothing was wrong with the food it just wasn’t very impressive or tasty for the price. A lot of the other burger places in Hull offer alot more for your money.

New Yorker

We did mention to the staff that we were less than impressed and were given 20% off the bill and apologies. We were told new staff had just started so possibly this could be the reason.

If you do fancy checking it out expect your bill to be quite high for some average food. Some dishes were even as much as £39 each but this was probably for the platter style. Chip toppers (i.e abit of cheese and mayo) on your chips will set you back an extra two quid. Plus side your soft drinks and hot drinks are bottomless and the staff will refill for you everytime you need it.

Overall we wouldnt bother going again unless it was a very stunning discount offer.

Have you been before and what did you think?

(All opinions are our own and we try to be as honest as possible)

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