Henry Afrika’s Reunion Party // Redbourn Club

Sadly my favourite nightclub no longer stands on Doncaster road after it’s demolition and I was too young for the actual Henry Afrika’s stage of the buildings life but I enjoyed it with it’s various names of “Time, Love and Henry’s” anyway on Friday May 26th the old Henry’s team have decided to hold a little reunion for those with fond memories of Henry Afrikas.

Event Info:

It started out because one of our old doormen Spud lost his Mum to COPD, a debilitating disease of the chest, and he wanted to raise some money for the British Lung Foundation.
Well, we only need half an excuse for a party even if our beloved venue is no longer there to party in! So Redbourne club have kindly offered to host the event. Basically it’s about you wonderful people, the people that grew up in Henry’s to see each other again and feel smug about how you’re holding up better than the rest.

We are hoping to grab an act or two from way back in Henry’s heyday and Si Jay will be playing the tunes that helped make Henrys unmissable in the 90’s and noughties.
On top of this there will be stage games, a raffle and far too much debauchery.

Tickets are £10 each, include pie and peas.

All profits raised going to the British Lung Foundation.
It’s going to be a fantastic night, in memory of a lovely lady raising funds for a fantastic cause.

Please make it a date and come and celebrate all that you made Henrys then.

If you require tickets they are available from Si at the Abacus on Friday and Saturday evenings, Spud or Redbourn Club. Otherwise drop the Henry’s old facebook page a message.



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