Gig Review // SNUFF @ Lincoln Imp

The line up consisted of Snuff, Wonk Unit, Vanilla Pod, One Car Pile-Up at The Lincoln Imp on Saturday 8th April.

Saturday night was a bit of a punk nostalgia session with seminal rockers Snuff returning to the imp for the first time in 15 years after reaching the heights of punk rock.

First Support were local boys One Car Pile-Up, who were also having a bit of a reminisce. Their set was quality, well received and they definitely had a few fans in. Towie, on the drums for OCP, then did a second set with next band Vanilla Pod, more high energy, with them moving the mics down off the stage front onto the floor for a more crowd intimate experience.

Wonk Unit were the third act. The lead singer’s rambling discourse between songs seemed a bit odd at first but became charming in its earnestness and weirdness, even his own band were reduced to tears of laughter at points. They had some good songs, some really good songs, Horses and Lewisham stood out for me and they were truly entertaining, a proper show. I would recommend you watch them if you get a chance. They’re supporting Snuff on their tour.


And Snuff of course were great, epitomising all of punks rawness and humour as you would expect. The place was full up, there was stage diving, a maelstrom of stomping dancers. There were cuban heels and a pin stripe suit on the lead guitarist and an acerbic patter from the bassist. The singer was the drummer, and he drummed up the crowd with his calls between songs. Playing the classic  “Arsehole” to top off the set, sounds like I’m being sarcastic there but I’m not, top top tune. And finishing with the inspired cover of “Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads” as an encore. Left this one with a big smile on my face, the finest gig I’ve been to for a while and a real coup for The Lincoln Imp and Will of Crown Promotions.

Review by Nick. A

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