Food Review// Warren Lodge Scunthorpe ★★

We hadn’t been eaten at the Warren Lodge in years but the promise of a FESTIVE MENU enticed us to try it one night. I have heard mixed reviews and I don’t like to bad mouth local establishments but this was terrible.

We arrived and were pointed to a small sticky table with one chair. 

We sat down and could not find any details of the so called Festive menu so stood at the bar in line to ask about it. We were told that due to lack of staff it was no longer running even though the website said it was on until 31st December. So fair enough a little disappointed but we chose from the main menu.

One dish in particular looked very inviting and was one of the more expensive dishes on the menu…sounds promising right? The double dipped rib eye steak. Below is the image from the menu, now I don’t expect it’s going to look exactly the same or as good but…

We waited patiently for over an hour for our food to arrive before asking at the bar how much longer it would be and were told it was being plated up. I appreciate maybe it had been a busy day but it was quieting down.

I know this is a sizzler pub but there’s sizzled and there’s charcoaled. My steak was well done although I had asked for medium but am not that fussy and it was OK but was quite fatty and strangely didn’t taste like a steak, it tasted more like actual ribs, which maybe it is meant to? After waiting over an hour I couldn’t be bothered to send it back.

The other steak we asked for well done, this was a mistake as it came out black on the top and the loaded chips matched in blackness. The “lovely” side of macaroni cheese had a nice film skimmed over it as if it had been microwaved and left to dry.  

This below is exactly how the food arrived at the table.

For over £25 this meal was disgraceful. How they can charge that for what we received. Many other customers around were also complaining about the food and the wait and it didn’t seem overly busy. 

After finishing the meal we did wait to complain and we did receive a refund of £12.99 for one of the more burnt meals but this was only after requesting it and rejecting a free bit of ice cream, the lady was polite enough but i’m sure she was quite sick of complaints already from other customers, it seemed a bit familiar to have to apologise and offer freebies, perhaps it was just a bad day for the pub? On the receipt you get a £5 off when you spend £15 on your next visit. Do I run this risk of another meal here just to get a fiver off?

Our Rating (Out of 5):

Service: ★★
Hygiene:  ★★★
Price & value for money: ★
Presentation: 0 stars
Overall Dining experience:  ★★

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