Food Review: The Bluebell Inn

I have revisited this popular town hotspot on a couple of occasions to eat now and everytime I return the standards don’t seem to dip.

The menu has a pretty good variety of dishes and all at low prices. A lot of the menu contains deals for a meal and a drink in an all inclusive price, which makes this good when you are sticking to a budget.

I took my family to visit Steak night on Tuesday and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the cut for the price. It also came out the kitchen as requested, medium rare.

I opted for one of the gourmet burgers which seems to be a quite popular dish popping up on menus everywhere. Seems like it’s in fashion in the food world. The burger was tasty and well cooked and the salad inside was fresh. I ordered the gourmet burger that came with a spring onion and blue cheese sauce on which was rather nice although I couldn’t detect the hint of spring onion.

Also on my plate was some lovely onion rings in batter and chips. The chips at The Bluebell are pretty damn nice too as they are crunchy and crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.

Another thing I like about eating here is the sauces. They use actual brand name sauce bottles on the table rather than silly sachets.

The Bluebell seems a really popular place to eat any night of the week with its various specials nights. Curry nights on a Thursday seem a hit but I haven’t been to one yet.

All in all it was tasty and great value for money as it came to under £20 for 3 people with drinks and the service is speedy even on a busy evening and the food was piping hot. I will definitely be returning.

Published by Scunthorpe Nights

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