Summary// Party In The Pines 2016

It’s always such an experience at Party In The Pines. Believe me you’ll always have a memory of it once you’ve lived it, whether you want it or not lol.

Once again we were lucky for another year with exceptional sunshine and heat beaming through the trees, maybe even a little too hot.

Entering the car park and camping field it already seemed a lot busier earlier on than previous years. I have been attending Pines since it started publically and every year has just seen more and more new and returning faces from Scunthorpe and from a far.
Pines is the only thing I can think of that gives so many people a reason to come to Scunthorpe and get together to have fun. It is more than a festival, it shows community spirit and our town in a new light and a chance to put aside all the bad press.

Party In The Pines has such a wide audience from age to area and just people from all walks of life with different tastes who come to enjoy the day.

Jigsaw Photography: Party In The Pines 2016 &emdash; 001 Party in the Pines 2016 © Bob Riach
Images courtesy of Bob Riach (Jigsaw Photography)

As soon as you walk from the first field and down the woodland path to the Pines arena the atmosphere hits you and the escape from reality draws over you. Once you’ve wandered around to find the best spot with your group of friends, settled down and opened your first can your ready to take on the pines experience.

This year was brilliant as expected. Usually the day time can be a little more quiet and chilled with people starting to fill it out around 6pm but not this year. I arrived at 2pm and there wasn’t much floor space in front of the main stage.

I did miss the DJ stage being at the back with the lazer lights projecting through the trees and my only criticism is that the DJ tent was too close to the main stage so when we initially sat down we moved about 30 mins later to the back stage as we couldn’t stand the music clash, baseline and bands battling. It probably sounded fine directly in front of the individual stages but that was really all I can say as a minor annoyance rather than it being an actual complaint or problem.

All the bands we saw seemed to give 100% effort even if they weren’t playing to the biggest crowd on the main stage, everyone had smiles on their faces and dancing feet.

Party In The Pines is no doubt the best local experience and event I have ever been to and I will keep going and keep supporting it for as long as it runs.

I’m not going to review my time there or the music and talent as there was too much to go into and as there wouldn’t be too much point as every experience there is individual and if you went, you know and if you didn’t go then you really missed out and I am sorry.


Jigsaw Photography: Party In The Pines 2016 &emdash; DSC04092© Jo Bird  Party in the Pines 20162563
Photo courtesy of Jo Bird (Jigsaw Photography)


I should imagine it won’t be long until you hear from Party In The Pines again with pre ticket sales for next August so keep an eye out and I’ll leave you with the photos from the official Photographers of the day in the link below. Remember to spread the word of Pines, there’s social media and there is good old word of mouth, so if you had a great time. SHOUT ABOUT IT. #PITP. Peace Out

Feel free to comment you thoughts on Party In The Pines. The Pines team appreciate feedback.



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