Event // Mouth Magazine Winter Special

Mouth Magazine - Martin StephensonFollowing the success of the Rachel Sermanni event for their Autumn Special, The Mouth Magazine returns to Café INDIEpendent on 31st January with their Winter Special, Featuring an evening with Martin Stephenson of the Daintees, with support from Scunthorpe Nights own Nick Akester.

Scunthorpe Nights caught up with the Editor of The Mouth Magazine, Steve,  to tell Us about the event.

THE MOUTH MAGAZINE WINTER SPECIAL will take place on Saturday 31st January 2015 at Cafe INDIEpendent.

Headliner is MARTIN STEPHENSON, often noted as frontman of The Daintees.

THE MOUTH MAGAZINE WINTER SPECIAL has been designed to build on the beautiful, intimate, atmosphere created for the Rachel Sermanni show in November.

“She was incredible and I’m not sure anyone was expecting quite what they got,” says The Mouth Magazine editor Steve. “The audience were absolutely spellbound by her… and totally respectful of what she was doing and the quiet needed to do it. I think, in a slightly different way, they may feel the same about Martin – he is a true force of nature”.

Natives of the North East, Martin Stephenson & The Daintees formed in the early 1980s and signed to Newcastle label Kitchenware, making them peers of Prefab Spout, Hurrah and The Fatima Mansions. The band released a quartet of critically acclaimed albums including BOAT TO BOLIVIA (1986) and 1988’s peerless GLADSOME, HUMOUR AND BLUE.

In 1992, Stephenson realised his destiny lay along a different path to those around him. Tired of the music industry, he disbanded The Daintees and set about dismantling his entire life. There was serious ‘reprogramming’ to undertake; a journey from unhappy major-label pop-star to cottage-industry troubador. Prolific in the extreme, since moving to the highlands of Scotland in the early ’90s Stephenson has put out around forty albums, often in limited edition mail-order runs. New album HAUNTED HIGHWAY is out soon.

“I’ve been to countless gigs by Martin over the years,” says Steve. “They are like little tornadoes, stirring up his delicate emotional observation, his spiritual outlook, his cheeky personality and some truly incredible on-the-fly musicianship. He has a big heart and really engages with the rooms he plays”.

Martin has hinted that he may bring along “some friends” to play with him at Cafe INDIEpendent. And, opening the show is Scunthorpe songwriter Nick Akester.

Associate sponsors for THE MOUTH MAGAZINE WINTER SPECIAL are steel company SC4 and MUDDY BOOT PRODUCTIONS, a Scunthorpe-based video company which has worked closely with The Mouth Magazine on several previous projects – including a video session with Martin Stephenson (visit www.themouthmagazine.com).

“Very grateful to both sponsors for assisting in making it possible to get Martin to Scunthorpe,” says The Mouth Magazine editor Steve. Tickets for THE WINTER SPECIAL are £10 – they are on sale in Cafe INDIEpendent now.

You can keep up to date with gig information by joining the Facebook event Here.


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