Music Review // The Native Braves “Self Assemble”

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Local band The Native Braves have now released a Double A-Side onto various music streaming and downloading sites including iTunes. The Double A side consists of 2 tracks named ‘Blood Orange‘ & ‘Self Assemble‘.

The Native Braves formed in the summer of 2013. They have spent the last year perfecting their distinctive dark and brooding style of alt-rock, which might I add has clearly worked. The band took to the studio this summer working with Roni Szpakowski and Brian Lucy (Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, Doves) to produce their music.

Native Braves are a distinctly unique indie/alternative quartet who combine eerie melodies and powerful rhythms to create a dark and passionate sound reminiscent of that of Peace & Foals. “What a track… Can’t wait to get more!” – Alan Raw, BBC Introducing.

The Native Braves have come along way in terms of finding their sound as I remember them back when they started out as The Rickashays and I have to say now they have developed into something quite unique and special with a really quite enchanting stage presence live.

My favourite song of the two tracks probably has to be ‘Self Assemble’ because upon first hearing the track it drags you straight in with an almost haunting allure. I could even say it reminds me a little of the earlier “Massive Attack” material with the retro crackle and the vocal styling, throughout the intro it kicks up with some powerful drums and chiming guitar rhythms.You’re almost unsure if the song will be slow, keeping the same pace consistently, but instead it continually surprises you, rising from the calm to the storm.

There really is some true talent in the vocals and in the tightness of the band’s composition and songwriting ability. If I had to compare it I would say I heard a bit of influence from Florence and the Machine maybe a some U2 and even a bit of New Order, no poor comparisons there. I found myself replaying the song, not only to review it but because it became something I wanted to listen to again and again.

Self Assemble

The Other track on the Double A Side, ‘Blood Orange‘, Also quite a powerful song. As mentioned above the vocals are spot on and the song structure is well thought out. The Native Braves are easy listening with a lot of oomph along the way.

Blood Orange

Available on iTunes – & Spotify –

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