Music News//Sad News For Ameira Fans

As local music fans will maybe now have seen Ameira lead vocalist and guitarist Luke Colclough has decide to depart the band and go his separate way. The news came after the recent shock result of the Rock Open 2nd semi final, this however was not the reason for Luke’s decision to leave the band. He stated on social media he has been thinking it over for a while now and feels it is time to move on with other things in his life.


Luke Colclough: ” It is with great regret I announce my departure from the band. I’ve been a part of Ameira since it’s birth and I’m proud to have played a part in it’s progression. Although we’ve not always seen eye to eye, I’ve loved every minute of being in Ameira, this is with no grudge against anyone in the band that I leave. I have been contemplating this for weeks upon weeks and tonight’s decision in Rock Open has sealed the final thought for me.”

Scunthorpe Nights wish him all the best for the future and his cheeky front man exterior and his on point vocals will be deeply missed as the voice of Ameira.

Ameira are undoubtedly a very talented line up of lads with a cracking set of anthems under their belt and for me personally, my favourite local Alternative unsigned band.

At least as Luke leaves He can look back knowing his bands track were chosen as BBC Radio One’s track of the week and with numerous plays on BBC Introducing and many loyal fans.

The Boys announced they will be releasing a free download of what would have been the follow up single to ‘We Never Close Our Eyes” today (Monday 20th Oct) named “Growing Pains”.

The future of the band is unknown to me at this moment in time, but their album will stay on my iPod and my first Ameira t-shirt neatly pressed in the draw (Because It shrank or I got bigger). Either way #supportameira and send them some tweets and messages of support and praise.

I feel like Luke has broken up with me! :/ it’s a weird feeling in Ameira HQ today!


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