wpid-wp-1412165149328.jpegThe page has been up and running for a few days and I had only added a handful of people to the page whom I thought would be interested. I also stated that if we received over 100 likes and sufficient interest/interaction was shown that we would work with local bands/DJ’s and a venue(s) of choice to produce a trial Alternative Disco/Rock/Metal/Punk/Ska night.


Sphere Bar

Join The Page here to express interest

The aim of this new page is usually at Scunthorpe Nights we try to cater for everyone posting almost everything we find for different ages and genre lovers. From club nights, charity events, concert bands, theatre and gigs. But we don’t want to start bombing people who don’t like a certain type of music, we want to find those metal heads and 14+ gig goers.

Baths Hall

From my personal past experiences 14+  alternative nights were popular. For instance The Baths Hall rock nights were something of a favourite amongst the local music community and costing only £3 for a fantastic night out.

Steve Bird and his alternative disco, The Crosby & The Hangar was also a popular weekend venue to meet up and listen to classic rock and alternative hits with regular bands playing and a chilled and friendly atmosphere.

Other venues such as Lord Roberts and The Tavern were also hot spots for this genre among more.  Bearing in mind I would have been attending these gigs since the age of 14 with my friends right on up to the venues sadly closed or the nights stopped and now being 26 years of age, with a built in calender in my mind of events I can clearly see and feel sorry for the local youth of today as nothing of this sorts seems to be on offer any more.

Cafe INDIEpendent

In Scunthorpe town centre the lack of this genre has slowly dissipated over the years. Obviously The Lincoln Imp provides regular gigs and a pub/gig atmosphere but for those in town or wanting the occasional rock night out..there isn’t much else.

There is a lot of new nights in the area all fantastic in their own right and genres but we want to bring something back. We have some great alternative bands from in and around the area.

You will sometimes see these bands on line ups alongside indie band line ups and solos. Now there’s nothing wrong with indie but it doesn’t seem to have quite the same meaning as when it first came about, neither does pop. But that’s my opinion. To me Indie and Rock are two very different genres.


The night we want to trial: 

Work with local promoters/DJ’s/Public to create an alternative disco.

NO MORE than £3 on the door, taking you back to good old gig/disco days. Or if an option FREE.

Using two venues could be an option, various favourite venues suggested so far are dotted around the page in image form. Which do you think suits?

If you are interested in helping bring this night to town for a trial and want to help make it happen please contact the page or email scunnynights@gmail.com.

All public, promoter or band help and support is welcomed. Or fill in the contact form.

You can join the community here and please invite only people you think or know will be interested in attending, playing or helping. All suggestions can be directed at that page for discussion. We also would welcome promoters to post existing gigs fitting this genre locally.

https://www.facebook.com/scunnyaltscene Part of http://www.scunthorpenights.co.uk Supporting Local

#PromoteLocal #SupportLocal

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