Theatre Review//How The Other Half Loves



The Hospital Players kicked off opening night for their newest performance ‘How The Other Half Loves’ packed with another entanglement of lies, cheating and plenty of witty banter.

On sitting down and studying the set I started to realise details that gave away the format of how the set would work and be used. The first thing I noticed was that the table was quite strangely two different tables one side of the table was brown and one side was white with a different detailed leg as though they had glued two different tables together in the middle and two phones one on either end of the table, so it became quite clear to me before it even started that this set was double the use.

The show started and yet again they managed to pull off a complicated format and performance on stage using one set and one stage to produce two sides of a story to form a whole story.
At first I think this confused a few members of the audience trying to grasp why the performers in the same set hadn’t spoken or noticed each other and were working around each other in their acting.

“Why are two people in the same room ringing each other, I don’t get the phones.”

The set was two different places at the same time and it worked.All was revealed and it was clear that two different couples were using the set as two different homes at the same time.
This put a different and interesting twist on the performance and there was always something going on to keep it interesting and moving.

It’s hard to explain how they did it, but what I do know is, it is hard and timing is absolutely crucial when trying to pull this off convincingly. One wrongly timed door entrance or move across stage could cause a clash of actors into a heap on the floor. So a very well done to the cast and all the stage crew for executing it so smoothly especially on the first night.Very Impressive!

I won’t go into the story as the press release explains the plot and really it’s best you see it for yourself than me spoil the story.Every character is believable and each have their own personalities that come across throughout the performance. Going into 3 different couples and their relationship between each other and the other couples. I would really recommend if you like local theatre and you haven’t seen The Hospital Players to go and try out one of their shows and support the hard work that goes into each and every performance.

The Hospital Players always manage to get people laughing and are such a fantastic local theatre group to watch. Pulling off a play involves so much more than rehearsing a script. As a group they design and build their own sets, record and edit their own sound and lighting plot.

They even write, film and edit their own trailers to promote their upcoming shows,design the posters, source and sometimes make the costumes and so much more.

Ticket & Times Info

The Plowright Theatre, Scunthorpe

Wed September 24 7:30PM
Thu September 25  7:30PM
Fri September 26   7:30PM
Sat September 27  7:30PM

The Hospital Players always welcome new members to the group. So if you’re looking to join a fun, exciting and friendly group then look no further. You can be as involved as you want to be! If you are interested in becoming a Hospital Player please visit the contact part of the Website.

If you want to see more of our past reviews from shows of The Hospital Players just type it in the search on the homepage.



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