The Hospital Players present ‘How the Other Half Loves’



How the Other Half LovesThe local theatre group The Hospital Players present ‘How the Other Half Loves’

A Comedy by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed By Rachael Elliott and Mick Metcalfe

Tuesday 23rd – Saturday 27th September 2014

‘How the Other Half Loves’ follows three married couples whose lives are hopelessly entwined. Frank employs Bob and William and is considering William for promotion. Bob is having an affair with the boss’s (Frank’s) wife and argues constantly with his own wife, Teresa. Frank and Fiona’s marriage by contrast is polite and distant. Mary thinks (incorrectly) that William, her husband, is having an affair.

The plot thickens when each of the adulterous parties, plays host to William and Mary at dinner parties on successive nights, both of which dinners end in disaster. As relations between partners deteriorate, matters become more confused and only the truth can restore order to chaos.

The Hospital Players have performed many Alan Ayckbourn comedies over the years, and they have always proved popular with audiences. ‘How the Other Half Loves’ presents a technical challenge, as Society Secretary Jake West explains: “The single set represents two separate couples’ living rooms, which means that the actors have had to get used to acting around each other. The actors are working hard at rehearsals to hone their timing so that the action switches seamlessly from one couple to the other.” The cast consists of Jake West, Rachel Ireland, Tom Baker, Chloe Hodsman, Adam Brown and Elizabeth Hempstock.

Jake continues: “Luckily, given this technical challenge, we have a very skilled technical team in place, including Teri Kent as Stage Manager, Lynn Burkinshaw as Assistant Stage Manager and Chris Johnson on lights and sound. We are also pleased to welcome a new member of The Hospital Players, Andy Tod, who will be organising the props for the play. With two dinner parties taking place during the play, Andy will be doing a vital job making sure all the dinnerware is in place!”

The play is directed by Rachael Elliott and Mick Metcalfe. Rachael and Mick have both directed plays for The Hospital Players before, but this is their first collaboration. Mick says, “The cast are working hard and making rehearsals an enjoyable experience for us both. We hope that audiences enjoy the show, and have as many laughs as we have had producing it.”

Tickets for ‘How the Other Half Loves’ are available from where you can purchase tickets online or through our mailing system on our buy one get one free offer until 15th September. Like The Hospital Players on Facebook for behind the scenes videos and more information from behind the rehearsal room door.


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