Meet Up//Scunthorpe Music Scene

An outlet for ideas, opinions and discussion has been set up by the local music scene supporters and artists at Cafe INDIEpendent on Wednesday 24th September at 6pm.

This meet up will be open to anyone whether you manage a venue, run events, play live music or have a general interest in the local music scene.

Members of the public are encouraged to come along and express their opinions and views of what they wpuld like to see happen.

Everyone welcome. Friendly and attitude free. Please leave your egos at home and become part of the solution in solving the issues on the promoter, venue and music scene.

For almost two years now we have helped to spread the word of what is on offer locally. Over these two years the amount of events have varied as have the genres. We enjoy what we do and do it for no profit.

We thank people who follow us via social media and our website and our news partners site the Scunthorpe Independent for your support in pushing the content we try to push out there.

Come along and have your say no doubt we will pop in so if you haven’t yet met the faces behind the Scunthorpe Nights name don’t be afraid to say hello. We will be more observing the meet than taking part but more than happy to chat over a coffee.

Get behind your scene. Our moto for quite a while now is #supportlocal. Music and events are a very important part of bringing the community together and gives you the public options of where to spend your free time locally.

Thank you for reading

Scunthorpe Nights

imagePlease note: This event has not been organised by Scunthorpe Nights. We only provided a poster and support the local scene.



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