Review: Party In The Pines 09/08/2014

It’s hard to believe how hot the day was looking at Sunday’s wind and constant down pour, all that can be said about that is thank you for the weather we did get on Saturday 9th August.

The sun beaming through the trees and people just relaxing and listening to the music, taking in a beer or too. From previous Pines it’s always a pattern of how the day goes over at the main stage especially.

People turn up in friend groups pitch a seat, set down the cooler box and face the stage. People taking it steady and enjoying the weather. At first arrival to pines you can be mistaken to think you’re in for something quite mellow but once the sun goes down and the lazers and stage lighting comes on the par lovers jump to life. Filling the clearing with singing, dancing and beaming smiles of enjoyment.

The day appeared to go pretty smooth and everyone we met were very friendly and having a good time. The new toilet arrangement is probably not the most exciting thing to talk about but it was a massive improvement. The Pines team have worked hard to build a new toilet block and kudos to those two ladies who sat outside it all day with girls toilet essentials for nothing but donations in a bucket.

The festival spirit was high and both stages were outstanding in organisation and arrangement. The main stage ran by Brad from Acid Peacock promotions saw a smooth stream of Indie bands take to the stage. Including bands locally and further a far. Dirty Sterling as always had us and every other Party In The Pines fan up at the front. It is a little harder in the daytime to draw in a front of stage crowd to bands but you could tell everyone was taking it in and from the comments on social media people found clear favourites in the line up. I can’t go into every band as there were quite a lot but I can say they all did a great set.

The Hardr:ve arena continued filling up throughout the day and as the night went on it went from chilling on the grass to a hardcore rave.  Even for someone like myself that wouldn’t particularly chose to listen to that kind of music it just didn’t really matter because the vibes alone and the hype was just phenomenal and people were pretty friendly chatting to people they didn’t know making new friends and having a dance. There for the music! The fire dancers in particular were a great touch to the stage and atmosphere and the guy in the crowd with the idea to bring flares “Brilliant”. That gave people some great photos.

Non of us took many photos really but this is only a good sign, we really didn’t have time. We went to enjoy ourselves and that’s what we did.

People are already asking when the next installment of Party In The Pines will be. After this success it just keeps getting bigger.

Over the next couple of days you will see a survey emerge from Scunthorpe Nights. We have been requested by the Organisers at Party In The Pines that we do a detailed survey so results can be analysed and recorded for future events. Find out any high points/low points, what you would like to see at the next one, any suggestions you may have, what you enjoyed most. So please keep an eye out and give the team some feedback.

Keep sending in your photos it’s great to see them all taking over the Facebook and twitter feeds. Send us your photos to and we will use them on our article.

On behalf of the Pines team we would like to thank each and everyone of the people involved in making the event. A lot of hard work went into it and also to thank you the people for coming and supporting the event. And if you enjoyed it then I guess we will #seeyouinthetrees again.


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Here are some tweets:

Really enjoyed myself at party in the pines . It was great to be back on the stage entertaining all the fans.

Has a great day yesterday at thx Highlights were

was amazing last night. Dirty Sterling rocked it 

was amazing yesterday. It’s done me in now though

My sister took just under 5 hours to walk home from party in the pines in the rain with a short stop at McDonald’s,

Party in the pines was crazy! Such a good night!

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