Saturday 9th August 2014 the biggest local festival kicks off it’s second event of the summer season. Situated between Broughton & Appleby.

How Much is it and where can I get a ticket ? £20 & tickets are still available from Celebrate Partyshop Robert Street or SEE TICKETS ONLINE

(Fee’s Apply to Online Booking)

Can I pay on the gate? Yes for £30. Gate tickets will be limited availability, so get there early or better still save yourself £10 and get one from Celebrate Partyshop beforehand.

When can I camp? 10am Saturday to Anytime Sunday

I haven’t received my online ticket purchase yet? Don’t worry just make sure you keep your booking information.Tickets are sent out a couple of days before the event. In the unlikely event you do not receive yours, Message the Party In The Pines Facebook page and bring your ticket reservation number on the day.

Can I bring my own beer or do I have to buy it from the bar? Pines operated on a bring your own drink policy, where as other small festivals strongly state you must not bring your own food or drink onto site but Party In The Pines aren’t here to rip you off at £5 a pint. Instead for £5 at the bar there is usually a x3 can deal all nice and cold. So you decide bring your own or buy at the bar or both.

Can I bring glass bottles on site? Nope, One they are more dangerous so being health & safety conscious. Also harder to get rid of. Where as cans are much easier to recycle and plastic bottles. So bringing a spirit onto the site? Then please tip it into a plastic bottle at home.

(Please use bins provided to discard of your rubbish)

What time does it start and end? Bands and DJ’s will be performing in the main arena from 12pm to 12am

Why does it finish at 12am? Due to noise restrictions which effect local villages.

Why can’t I bring a caravan? Space is the answer to this, if there were too many caravans the site would fill quickly & there are no hook ups. Camper vans are permitted.

Can we have a BBQ or Fire? Due to fire risks these will not be permitted. Food vans will be on site for your catering needs or feel free to bring a picnic. There should be a BBQ area set up in the main arena for safe cooking. (Please note they say no fires because it is a woodland and very dry grass if someone were to have an accident it could spread.)

What facilities are there? A brand new girls toilet block has been built by the Pines team for this event. There will be no shower facilities but there is running water on site. (So if you’re desperate get a cup and throw it on yourself)

How can I get there? The easiest and cheapest option is to drive, park and camp. But Taxi firms are aware of The Party In The Pines location from previous event pick up and drop offs. Ocean Taxis & Ashby Cars usually offer pre booked discounts. The site is closer to Appleby end of Ermine Street rather than Broughton end. This means you can get a bus to Broughton but it is quite a trek. Buses to Appleby do not run on this date (We checked for you).

What happens if I am caught without my wristband on site? You will be taken to the organisers and asked to pay the gate price of £30 or to leave. Please wear your wrist band at all times.

The event is open to over 18’s only due to licensing.

Official Site Rules


Party In The Pines is situated in a private woodland clearing. Whilst driving past Broughton onto Appleby you will see the sign posted entrance to enter the parking & camping site. Once you have parked and pitched you can make your way to the main arena.

As you walk through the woodland area you will then come to the clearing the Hardr:ve stage will be situated here and across the other side of the clearing is the Main band stage and main DJ stage. VIEW THE LINE UP HERE

Stay safe, Have fun & be nice.

Please drink responsibly we don’t want it to ruin yours or anyone elses fun.


On the day if you take any photos/videos be sure to hash tag on twitter with #PITP or #Broughton

On Facebook you can share to Party In The Pines

facebook like button


Party in the Pines reserve all rights to eject someone from the premise. This means if you are caught stealing, vandalism, fighting or sneaking in where you shouldn’t be. And may result in a permanent ban from any future events.

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