Funny Scunny Heat 2 Review


So its Thursday 12th June and were here again at The Baths Hall for part 2 of the Funny Scunny comedy stand up competition. 6 more acts attempting to amuse us. Now last time it was a mix of bad and good. This time the field was more even with a general sense that they had all gigged before and to a certain extent knew what they were about. The arena had been revamped. There were no sofas, no seats off to the sides in the peripheral of the comedians view. It was chairs and tables touched off with a little tea-light ambience all angled towards the microphone stand centre stage. This was a definite improvement it had more of the feel of a comedy club about it. Someone may have made the suggestion to make the change or perhaps they decided it themselves, but whichever, it was a good idea.

Dan Harris the Compère of sorts introduced the acts beginning with Daniel Audritt. A Londoner, but we won’t hold that against him. He had the disadvantage of having to go first with a crowd that was still cold. But cannily he wove this fact into his act. His jokes were solid, his delivery relaxed and flowing to the point where even when he tried out a new joke that didn’t quite work he made a joke out of it that did. Very good, and he told a Rocky joke as well. Next was Paul Muttagejja a tall fellow who was funny but I just had the feeling that he didn’t quite vibe on this occasion, on another night he would have gone down really well, he also told a joke about Rocky. The last act of the first half was Jim Coulson who’s jokes were based around having a family and again he was funny and astute but he just didn’t quite vibe on this occasion. He admitted to having no jokes about Rocky despite trying really hard to think of one

There was a short interval at the end of which Dan the Compere tried his little audience participation skit of getting an audience member to come up and plug there phone into the PA and play the first random music track on shuffle. It worked well the first week with a few people getting up but either everyone was afraid this time or like us had the heads up to keep our heads down (I know what music’s on my phone, haha there’s no chance, never mind the chicken noises on my friends playlist). So Dan played his own game on his own Iphone. Shuffle 1 Dancing Queen; Shuffle 2 AC/DC; Shuffle 3 The Rocky Theme… No way… was that really a shuffle. Come on you can tell me.

The second half opened  with Ed Carfrae, in his own words a hairy guy who’s eyes were taking over his face. From Lincoln. Immediately engaged the crowd. In fact the majority of his performance was just talking to people in the crowd and it was great. He didn’t need to tell any jokes. The funniest part was when a girl started using her phone and he improvised to devastating effect, very good. He did tell a story as well and that was funny too, his ad libbing really making it. He was followed by Daniel Whyley a Scunthorpe lad. Now this is the 3rd case of a comedian perhaps not suiting this particular audience but still being accomplished with good material, but whereas I didn’t laugh very often I found what he was saying really interesting and enjoyed it in that sense and could see it being funny with the right environment. Rounding things off was Jack Shanik who began with a very peculiar way of delivering his lines which was of course part of his act, I thought it was great and he delivered some good observational jokes about being bald amongst other stuff. Then he sort of switched to telling one liner puns which were a little hit and miss.

All in all a higher overall standard than the first evening but I sort of missed the really bad acts we had in Heat 1. But enjoyable and and amusing nonetheless. Daniel Audritt and Ed Carfrae went through to the final deservedly so. The competition judges (including Scunthorpe Indy’s Paul) agreed (unknowingly) with what the Scunthorpe Nights team had decided were the best acts. Well done on that Judges, great minds and all that…

The Final heat is tonight Friday 13th doors at 7pm for an 8pm start and FREE entry. Scunny Nights will be there again to review Heat 3. The Grand Final is on Thursday 26th June at 7pm, tickets are £7 each and you can buy them here or from the box offices at the Baths Hall or The Plowright Theatre. Get yourself down for a laugh or, you know, just to escape the footie…


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