Live Review/Video: Global Battle Of The Bands Winners 2013 ‘The Carnabys’


As a first of many times now, we went to discover some new music in Scunthorpe, this time Get Your Haircut Promotions hosted The Carnabys.
What a treat they were, the lead vocals, brilliantly talented voice and enthusiasm to go with it.

As the Lead vocalist doesn’t play an instrument on stage it allows him to be more of a showman, jumping and moving around and concentrating on hitting his notes.

The band as a whole are technically tight and they hold everything together. Looking at their influences It couldn’t be said they sound like a particular one as….they don’t. They sound like themselves with their own originality and no imitation. A faultless and entertaining band to watch perform live.

A right set of catchy tunes and melodic anthems not to be missed!!!

It comes as no shock that The Carnabys are receiving the feedback they are and that they are the Hard Rock Rising Global Winners 2013.

Rather than sit typing what their music sounds like and what their performance was like, here is a video we took last night. It doesn’t quite give you the full experience of seeing them live but if you like what you see the boys are on tour so go catch them.

All In all yet again The Lincoln Imp bringing top quality lighting and sound and top draw bands from near and far. The Lincoln Imp is a venue that some people may not even consider visiting, but to those people we say give it ago for the music. You never know you might discover the next big thing and meet them before they make it big. The venue is intimate which means you’re quite likely to get to meet the band before and afterwards.  Support live music whether it’s local or not it deserves to be heard.

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