New Music: The Backhanders

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I introduce to you The Backhanders…
Manchester band The Backhanders is comprised of members Stephen Chadwick,Pete Clark,Matty Owen and Ashley Taylor.
The band were formed 6 months ago and have to date played only a handful of gigs with great success.

I received an interesting looking cd in the post, the cd itself is a nice personal touch to set their cd apart from others, which I quite liked before I even played it. As it looks like a replica of a mini vinyl, pretty retro, just like the content on the cd. I’d even go as far as to say the sound even sounds like you could have it playing on your old skool record player.
When it comes to talking about sounds and music it always becomes difficult as
sounds are something you should experience for yourselves. For a band that have been together such a short time they have such an established sound with a certain age to it.

The first track on the cd is Campfire,the guitar and harmonica intro gives it a blues feel, the track is fast paced and although I haven’t seen these guys live in my head listening to the track I see a crowd of hands in the air and jumping bodies. There’s some pretty quick lyrics which takes skill.

Down By The River, starts off a little lower tone than the previous track with even a slight country blues feel to the melody.

I’d suggest you have a listen as I said before talking about how something sounds is one thing but experiencing the sound is another.

Their first gig at Academy 3 sold out within days and since then they have gone on
to support Twisted Wheel at the Kraak Gallery sessions which took place last month.
With local radio stations picking up on the early demo track; ‘Memory Lane’
(including Terry Christian’s N.W.A. Show giving it regular airplay).

The band also made it on to John Robb’s list of bands to watch in 2014. They have
just come out of Blueprint studios where they recorded 2 tracks, ‘Down by the River’ and ‘Campfire’, a song inspired by and dedicated to Joe Strummer after they had
received a photo album from Joe’s wife which included random lyrics underneath the photos.

With Joe’s wife’s permission, The Backhanders then added their own words to come up with ‘Campfire’.

With some high profile dates getting ready to be announced very soon, are
The Backhanders the Band Manchester has been waiting for…?

Very latest news..the Backhanders have now been confirmed as one of the
support bands for The Happy Mondays gig at Fleetwood Football Ground on June 1st.

(Written by Scunthorpe Nights)


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