New Single: The Torn – “Take It”

Torn BandThe Torn are a Doncaster four piece rock band formed in 2005. Made up of Damian Dalton-Smith on Lead Vocals, Tim “Tay” Taylor on Bass, Nick Berry (not the one from Heartbeat although this would be strangely awesome if it were) on Lead Guitar, Nick also does the direction and design for the video shoots,  and Ben Mullins on Drums.

This is the first time I’ve come across them, so as well as listening to the single Take It. I’ve gone and listened to a few other of their tunes to get an idea of their sound. I’m reasonably impressed. They come across as accomplished musically and production wise. Their songs don’t all sound the same but what they do have in common is the sense that they would come across very well live. Not lyrically complex but that wouldn’t necessarily work in a live situation, its not a criticism. I think they’ve set their stall out to be an entertaining live band and this from The Torn Facebook Page “Our music and lyrics survive through tight, explosive live performances.” reinforces that conclusion. I love the intro riff, repeated throughout Tissue of Lies I think this is the best song of theirs I’ve heard. The idea is great for the video for A Thousand Leeches (filmed locally at the Beckingham Willow Works near Doncaster),  a parody of Dragon’s Den, especially the end, I was thinking “I know what you’re going to say” and it made me laugh when he did.

So the single itself, Take It is definitely in the category of a song that is meant to be great played to crowd. Simple chorus, easy to chant along to. There is a hint of that Arctic Monkeys sound towards the start that seems quite prevalent through Indie Rock at the moment but it quickly subsumes into a more punk sound which drew me in. The whole song has quite a punky vibe as it gets going which is a definite plus.  As songs go its a proper grower and its certainly not a bad number by any means. I’d give a 7/10 but 8+/10 live.

If you want to check out what they are up to there is a feed and a load of other stuff including a chance to listen to Take It its self on The Torn Website. They are also on the bill at Party In The Pines the festival on 3rd of May 2014 in Broughton Woods near Scunthorpe

A little bit of trivia to finish up with. If you didn’t know already the actress Sheridan Smith is the Lead Singer Damian Dalton-Smith’s sister, there you see, you learn something new every day.

Article by Scunthorpe Nights newest writer:
Nick Akester


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