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Now an Asset of Community Value in Scunthorpe

Message from : Lorraine Briggs, General Manager at The Lincoln Imp

Posted 13 JUL 2022

The Lincoln Imp is delighted to have been successfully nominated as an Asset of Community Value in Scunthorpe. We’d like to extend thanks to Break The Stigma, our local Mental Health Group who are based at the venue, Holly Mumby Croft MP, and Rob Waltham head of North Lincolnshire Council, all of whom supported our application. But as time races on and our eviction date gets closer, we are very concerned that despite numerous emails to Admiral Taverns from both the Music Venue Trust and Holly Mumby Croft MP we have received no correspondence in return, and therefore no opportunity to meet with Admiral Taverns to discuss the future of the Imp with its new ACV status. The Lincoln Imp remains committed to exploring all options to secure the long-term position of the venue as a GMV and a community space.

Admiral Taverns’ determination to, in their words, “bin” the Imp on 1st September is not something they have the authority to do at this stage as planning has not yet been determined, and the venue is very anxious that we still have an eviction notice in place for the 30th August or “before if possible” as was stated in an email from Admiral Taverns to the WJS Group who are currently holding the lease.

The team at the Lincoln Imp wants to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has been involved in our campaign to Save The Imp, and we are still hoping for a good outcome.


The Lincoln Imp also won the Scunthorpe Nights Appreciation awards 2022, as voted for by the public.

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