Two New HARDR:VE events for the end of 2022

After 7 years Hardr:ve had a successful return at Oscars Bar & Nightclub and that means the Hardr:ve crew are back for not 1 but 2 new events at Oscars.

The first one will take place Friday 14th October and the 2nd installment on Boxing Day.

Hardr:ve aim to bring you some of the biggest names in the rave scene along with the best local DJ’s and also emerging artists breathing life into our scene.

Rinsing the Harder styles on the rave spectrum, all on one dance floor under one roof , pulsing & throbbing out of the Future Formation Sound System – it’s going off big time!

After the booting hardcore vibes Robbie Long brought they thought it only right to keep on that tip and have booked arguably the biggest name in UK Hardcore and bouncy techno –


You know it’s gonna be popping when Scott gets on the decks… expect anything from the Evolution Records, Evolution Plus, Evolved, Evolution Gold, Poosh, Screwdriver and Twisted Vinyl back catalogue!! – Nice!🤘🏻🎯

Nick the Kid & Jake Nicholls tore it up with a North vs South upfront Hard Trance set last time that really got the floor moving.

So after some thought on who we could bring in along those lines, we decided to fetch in a duo making an absolute tsunami in the scene at the moment.

With their unique blend of trance, techno and hard trance – this will be a set that really sets us apart from the rest and one we are sure that will have you all proper stomping!

With a Beatport Number one trance track under their belt in “We Come One” in collaboration with Ben Nicky…

Hardr:ve present to you…


This set is gonna be off the chain and here’s a link to a recent performance at De Ja Vu by them to wet your whistles –

2 Phat headliners there we’re sure you will agree- but who wants some more??

Stepping up, stepping in and back on the decks for us once again is the mighty Makina bwadbwoy…..

🎧Triple XL🎧

The absolute Don of Makina round ‘ere, and huge in the North East with Monta Musica .

Pumping selections and slamming technical mixing we are buzzing to have Triple XL on the decks.

Expect anything Makina or maybe some bouncy techno from his newly launched Budda Beats label – you’ll just have to get on that dance floor and see whats a cracking!

Another announcement we’d like to make is welcoming Triple XL as a resident to Hardr:ve events playing most of the line ups we put on moving forwards. About time this DJ had a local rave a place to call home. 😎🎯

Keeping the vibes rolling on the night we welcome back Hardr:ve Favourites…

🎧Jonny El & Fastraxx🎧

They absolutely took the roof off at Frantick @ Schnapps last Boxing Day so we thought it only right to have em down to do another demolition job! – oooooof!

One more mention is a couple of DJ’s we have booked who are coming down from Oldham for the night to drop some tasty 150bpm hard trance. Known across the net with their Trance Family Session livestreams on YouTube, give a warm welcome to

🎧DJ 187 & Logic🎧

Who better to orchestrate proceedings on the night mic controlling than the legendary

🎤MC Natz🎤

We don’t have 1 guest Mc for you though, we have 3 – make some noise for

🎤JD Walker 🎤
🎤 MC Space🎤

We are aware it got very warm in the club last time round so with that in mind the Air Con units will be on all day to keep it cool to begin with and also we are installing 3 industrial fans to move some air around and help keep it cool.

Full line up.

Scott Brown
Distorted Dreams
Jonny El & Fastraxx
Triple XL
Leedee E b2b DJP
Bushie b2b ENH
DJ 187 & Logic
Dizzy D

JD Walker
Rossi B
Roy – C

7pm – 4am

Oscar’s Niteclub – 6 Gilliatt Street Scunthorpe

£10 OTD before 9pm / £15 after 9pm

Onto Boxing Day….. well you know how last Boxing Day went down when we threw a Frantick party… over 500 heads in at that one…. So soak up that line up and we’ll talk some more after October ….. M-Zooooooone and the return of the Hard Bass Dominatoooooooors🎯😎💪🏻

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