Iconic Scunthorpe Music Venue Could Be At Risk


It emerged last week that The Lincoln Imp, currently owned by Admiral Taverns could be at risk of demolition. On the North Lincs Council website plans were submitted for 20 new houses on the land on it stands.

Update: On the evening of 10th May 2022 this notice was left on a post outside the The Lincoln Imp. It states any objections must be written and posted.

Please edit the above letter template with any other objection points you may have and update the name and address. This can then be printed and posted to the council. You may wish to state issues with the proposed housing plan.

Postal address: Development Management Team, North Lincolnshire Council, Church Square House, 30-40 High St, Scunthorpe DN15 6NL

To view the plans and submit a comment for objection click here

The plan states Proposed Development: Planning permission to erect a two-storey building consisting of 20 affordable homes (including demolition of existing public house).

It does say the outcome is not determined as of yet, so what will happen is uncertain, but the consultation end date is marked as 2 June 2022. So it’s not over yet. Landlady Lorraine Briggs, regulars and music lovers of Scunthorpe won’t let the venue go without a fight, if it comes to that.

Landlady, Lorraine has been behind the bar and running things at The Lincoln Imp since 2011 and she works tirelessness, she’s faced some tough times with the venue and it’s changes in ownership over the past few years and it’s about time someone invested in her and the venue itself.

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The Lincoln Imp has been a place for many locals to meet new people and see live bands from near and far. It’s seen me through my emo fringe early teen years and I still fully support the venue now. I can’t visit as much as I use to but I support from a distance, following what’s happening and what gigs are on and trying to make sure people know about the brilliant gigs.

The Lincoln Imp needs some love and investment, certainly not knocking down!


The Lincoln Imp has seen generations of our families through the doors and when there was no where else supporting original live music, The Lincoln Imp has always been there.

I can’t count the amount of bands I’ve seen at The Lincoln Imp, because over the years, it’s just so many but if I had to remember the most recent years, The Struts, Skarlett Riot, Wheatus, Everyone You Know and Crazy Town; just to name a few and I’m sure everyone has theirs.

Everyone You Know

The Lincoln Imp has always been a place that’s welcomed everyone, no matter what your sense of style, taste in music or what crowd in society you might fall into. There is a real mix of people and everyone’s friendly. I’ve never run into any trouble or hostility on a night out at the venue.

If the Lincoln Imp were to be demolished this would be a devastating blow to so many people in the local community. The venue still operates, the venue still holds weekly jam nights, live music gigs, karaoke and has a strong local following and loyal regulars. As well as holding so many memories for so many people. We need to do what we can to protect it.

Even if you’ve never been or never wish to, it’s bigger than that, it’s bigger than you and it needs your support. The future generations of the area will miss out if this historic venue goes.

If you have any ideas, support or just want to comment about what gigs you remember, times you’ve had, who you’ve met. Get commenting, spread the words and share the petition.

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To view the plans and submit a comment for objection click here

Source: https://apps.northlincs.gov.uk/application/pa-2022-754

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