Review // The Kid’s party that only cost £1!

We attended the Oscars Bar Kid’s party in Scunthorpe Town centre on Sunday 3rd April. It was the first kid’s event there for some years now and they have quite a few other dates planned in. It cost only £1 per child and it turned out pretty good value for money. It makes a decent venue for a kid’s party, parents and adults can pretty much have full view of their youngsters the whole time with the advantage of the low level dancefloor you can peer down or see their head bopping up and down on the bouncy castle from your seat.

It felt a safe setting and appropriate environment. The bar staff are very friendly and welcoming and the prices for the tuck shop and hot dogs are old school. £1.50 for a hotdog and sweets from 20p, can’t go wrong!

It’s only got one entrance and exit so it makes it easier for those with smaller kids likely to wander. Free parking to the side in the council pay and display carpark.

The kid’s had a blast having the run of the place and the whole dancefloor filled with disco lights and a bouncy castle. There was a mixed age range from toddlers to pre teens.

It was nice to have somewhere to go on a Sunday afternoon that children could safely hang out with friends or make new ones. I think there’s something quite appealing to the kid’s to have all different stairways and access to the dancefloor, popping up from all directions back to the table for a sip of juice.

The only thing we weren’t keen on was the music, we felt this could have been more chart, pop orientated for the kids. But we submitted feedback to the venue and they have assured us the music will improve next time.

It was enjoyable for parents and adults supervising as you could speak and meet for a chat, overall other than the numerous J20’s we drank , it was a cheap way to spend a few hours on an otherwise quite boring Sunday afternoon.

The next disco will be held on Sunday 29th May.
Oscar’s Bar in Scunthorpe

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