Trial Guide Success // Submit your May 2022 events

The trial what’s on guide for April has had over 400 downloads and it’s not even April 1st yet so thank you to all those who have downloaded so far. I am going to do a May edition and see if the interest increases any further.

Please help by sharing the weblink to the download or re sharing posts on Facebook.

The majority of the time I can find your Facebook events and posts as I follow so many venues, groups and bands but please submit your May 2022 events ready for the May What’s On Guide as I do miss some and once I’ve done the guide it’s not the easiest to re edit and keep republishing the PDF.

Deadline to Submit May 2022 events will be 22nd April.

If you downloaded the guide please could you take a few minutes to give some feedback on what you thought and how useful you found it and if you would download it again in future?

Don’t forget the guide is created completely voluntarily by me. Non profit and no funding received. It’s all about promoting local and if you want to sponsor the Scunthorpe Nights Guide and Website in exchange for an advert then please email:

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