Review // Bring The Noise @ Cafe INDIE

Last night we attended Bring The Noise at Cafe INDIE on the High Street. I’ve been to a lot of jam nights but this was the first in a while. The difference with this jam night is it’s open to all ages and it ran in quite an organised format, welcoming open mic aswell as full bands and collabortating musicians.

We arrived early because we weren’t sure how busy it would be and there weren’t many seats down in the basement. Luckily we were first inside. Once 7pm approached the room and stairs to the gig basement began to fill.

The good thing about it being family friendly meant I could take my mini reviewer and her friend, who had both never been to a jam night before or a gig. They had a great night because events like this are non existent for under 14’s locally.

The night was a little delayed in starting so the minis were getting a bit impatient but there were a lot of muscians turning up for their spot on the INDIE stage, so I assume it took a lot of sorting.

First up was a quick collaboration of local musicians who had put together a couple of songs as a full band. It was amazing really how great they sounded after taking 10 minutes to prepare for their performance.

Next up on stage was Scunthorpe’s newest band The Dominos, a youth band that formed only last year. Technical abitlities of the band were impressive and i’m sure with a few more gigs under their belt the stage presence will increase.

The Dominos

The final performances we got to see before the 9pm curfew for under 14’s was a very talented young lady, I believe her name was Paige, but correct me if I am wrong. She belted out some difficult songs at an impressive and extensive range. She was a favourite for our mini reviewer. She also collaborated on the Pink song “Try” with a 9 year old boy who played his electric guitar alongside her.

Here’s what our mini reviewer thought of Paige:

OMG, she was AMAZING! by far the best that night in my opinion. My fav song she sang was definitely the last one “Try” by P!nk. I thought she was really brave to go up and sing like that. I would never have done that. Oh and her original song was very catchy too. If it ever comes out on CD I’m definitely gonna get it. Whoever didn’t come to the jam night you guys totally missed out.

After that we had a brave year 10 year old boy showing us his skills on electric gutair to a backtrack of Fall Out Boy.

Overall it was a brilliant night, very enjoyable for all the family and very supportive of new musicians just starting out. Cafe INDIE provided a safe space, friendly for the younger audience members and performers. I would really recomend giving it a go. If you do have smaller children though, I would recomend you bring them some ear defender or headphones just incase although the two little girls rocking up front of stage all night didn’t seem to mind at all.

The next monthly installment of Bring The Noise will take place on Friday 18th February


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