Street Boot is Booming!! // North Lincs


It is a different experience to your standard car boot held in a field situation, for one, you get to walk around some lovely villages and take in the scenery and for the sellers it’s a bonus not having to load and unload the car 3 times. It’s friendly, interactive and a great day out for all the family with bargains to be had. You can even pick up some cracking items for free!!

It’s well organized and Paul kindly creates a numbered map with the stalls and houses to visit so you can plan your route. So check the event page for each Street boot location and download it beforehand.

*Top tip: If you do attend one of the villages and you aren’t familiar with the area, print out the map provided on the event page. It makes it a lot easier. Although the locals are pretty friendly and someone is usually willing to point you in the right direction. Also remember some stalls are spread out so be prepared for a bit of walking.

If you live in any of the villages/towns hosting a street boot mentioned in the list below then you can sign up here.

BURTONSunday May 23rd (9am+)

WINTERTONSunday May 30th (9am+) Non charity stalls will have a min £2 donation to have a stall, payable to Winterton & District Lions.

WEST HALTONSunday June 13th (9am+)

WINTERINGHAMSunday June 20th (10am+) It will also be Scarecrow weekend

ALKBOROUGH & WALCOTSunday June 27th (10am+)

BROUGHTONSaturday July 3rd (10am+)

STREETBOOT FACEBOOK LINKS:   Burton / Winteringham / Winterton 

Please note any queries or sign up must be directed to the organisers through the official pages or

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