New EP “Faces for Radio” from local band Saviours

Local band Saviours have been busy. A few weeks ago they released a new EP online named “Faces for Radio” with 4 brand new tracks, which are available on most popular music streaming apps and YouTube. Not sure why they gave the EP that title, I think their faces are alright. 🙂

Faces for Radio


The vibe is very 70’s punk with a slice of melodic emo thrown in. It’s loud, raw and unapologetic!

The vibe of the tracks are very 70’s punk with a slice of melodic emo thrown in. It’s loud, raw and unapologetic with Jonny Bilton’s strong and demanding vocals. There’s some jangly guitar to ease you in especially on “Lay It Down” before the melodic riffs and heavy drums kick in. I do also get a slight hint of earlier Foo Fighters from parts of the tracks.

I think my favourite of the tracks would be “If I Could See”. Personally, I feel this is the one with the biggest hook but you may disagree and “Last ones Standing” puts up some good competition as a chant worthy tune. I like the texture and the layers to the track, and I love the vibrant guitar solos throughout.

The 3rd track “What Could Have Been/ Criminals in Suits” starts by transporting me to a different era of music, quite subtle with a nice bit of reverb in there luring me in before it punches me with the anthemic and fast paced pick me up.

There is great skilled instrumental play throughout all of the songs and any of these tracks will get people dancing or jumping in a gig setting. But until these tracks can be experienced live, get playing them loud at home, learn the words and get ready to shout them back when gigs come back!

You can access the playlist below or search Saviours on you music streaming app.

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