Food Review // The Hope & Anchor

When I first heard about the Eat Out To Help out scheme, The Hope & Anchor was the first place I booked in advance. Good job, as it was very popular and it was somewhere we hadn’t been before. For those of you who don’t know where the pub is, it’s on the bank of the Humber just as you enter the small village of South Ferriby and with it being only a 5 minute drive to the Humber Bridge, you can see the bridge from the rear car park, which is a bonus to the already pleasant views.

Although it is finer dining than we are used to; it was a warm and welcoming environment, quite casual and informal so we weren’t made to feel out of place. As we walked through the main entrance we were greeted by an enthusiastic young man who asked for our booking details, he then went off to see if our table was ready. He came back for us and as we followed him through the pub he explained the system and how things worked. There was a one way system in place so you exited through the back decking. We were seated in a conservatory area across from the backdoor. It was a little chilly but I suppose after a day of being hot and humid, we couldn’t complain.

All food and drink orders were taken seated at our table by the friendly French waiters. It didn’t take too long to deliberate what we were ordering as the set menu had 3 options for starters, 3 mains and 3 desserts. I’ll attach the set menu at the bottom of the review. So in this offer it was your starter and main for £10 instead of £20, already discounted by the scheme. Obviously drinks, desserts and any sides came at an extra cost but a good value deal nonetheless, for the quality of food we received.

The food style isn’t too fancy to look at and at The Hope & Anchor hold emphasis on simplicity but not lacking in taste. The service was professional but also approachable and this works well.

So my partner ordered the Heritage Tomato Gazpacho, with basil pesto & feta for starter. Having never had this dish before at any other restaurant she really enjoyed trying something different and was very happy with her choice. It did look and taste refreshing and light. It was a good portion size too and well presented. I went for the Fish Cake with haddock, salmon, curried mayo, pickle & poached egg. It initially looked a little lost on the large plate but this encouraged me to savour the flavour and eat smaller forkfuls. Really, I have to have salt, pepper and probably some kind of sauce on everything I eat but on this starter it needed nothing extra! It was seasoned perfectly to taste and paired with the egg yolk, well that just topped it off.

For our main dishes we opted for the H&A Burger & Chips, red pepper relish, Lincolnshire poacher, pickles and the Fish Pie with Grimsby Haddock, Loch Salmon, mash and parsley crumb. My only regret is, I wish I’d ordered a side salad with my burger and chips. The burger was very thick with a good consistency and flavour. There was plenty of pickled cucumber and cheese oozing from the sides. The chips were thick and crispy with a light an fluffy centre. I liked the nigella seeds on the bun to; nice change to sesame.

The Fish Pie, wow they packed a lot of fish into this! Good quality fish and not small pieces either. It was served in a deceivingly deep dish, hidden inside the serving pan so there was plenty to enjoy. It was a little bit like a magicians hat, fitting a lot of food into a seemingly small dish. The crunch on top was a nice touch for adding texture. I usually associate fish pie with being a little bland and not usually being able to tell where the mash ends and the sauce and fish begins.

We did have room for a dessert, so my partner ordered the sticky toffee pudding, coated in date yogurt and sitting in a saucy sea of spiced rum and toffee sauce. She loved it, and you could definitely taste the rum and spice. For me it was a little overpowering in flavours but I’m not a big fan of alcoholic sweets. I was happy with my choice of another classic dessert, Eton mess. Smooth custard topped with sweet, fresh strawberries and crunchy meringue pieces.

Overall, our visit lasted almost 2 hours, so it was more of a night out and experience than a quick pub tea. But I don’t think you’d visit here just for a quick and convenient pub tea. It would be more of a treat or special occasion meal out.

The staff were all very attentive, happy and pleased to hear you enjoyed your food. I mean genuinely pleased not just when you are mid-mouthful and in passing they go “Is your food alright?” and by the time you’ve finished to answer they’ve vanished from sight. it wasn’t like that, it was sincere, patient and the timing was more appropriate than that.

Would we eat here again? Yes! We would love to try something else from the main menu or perhaps another set menu in future, that would be great. I probably wouldn’t visit again during the “Eat Out to Help out”, simply because the menu choice was quite limited and once you’ve tried the Burger and the Fish pie there’s only the meat free option of Mac N Cheese left. After your meal, I’d really recommend going for a little stroll to the back of the car park or side seating area and looking out at the swans and ducks and taking in some of the views and surroundings, especially at dusk.

Visit The Hope & Anchor Website

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