Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Last night, I just could not be bothered to cook. I’d seen on social media some tasty looking food boxes on Ashby based Indian takeaway “Miah’s Kitchen”, which I kept meaning to try. So last night was the night.

Initially we weren’t sure what box to go for but we ended up going with the MK Special Appetizer box for £9.95 and a Saag Paneer side for £2.95.

MK Special Appetizers Box includes:

2 Chicken pakora
2 Aloo pakora
2 Onion bhaji
2 meat/chicken/ vegetable samosa
4 chicken kebab
4 meat kebab
Dips (chilli & mint)

So our food arrived at the door and I won’t beat around the bush. I was underwhelmed at the size of the box presented before me but the delivery driver was polite and smiley.

We have ordered similar boxes from other local takeaways for the same price mark, so I think we are used to them coming in a full size pizza box and it being more than enough for two but I guess this was an “appetizer box”. As you can see, it’s not much wider than our forks. But once I’d opened the box, it wasn’t so bad and I was relieved to see a full box.

I think one person could manage this if they were hungry so I’d advise if you are very hungry, get one each or opt for one of the curry boxes or maybe add so extra dishes to the side like I did with the Saag Paneer.

From the takeaway listing description above, we didn’t seem to have any chicken Kebab but the meat kebab pieces were very nice, like mini burger patties.

Everything in the box was hot and once i’d got over the box size disappointment and tried the food I was pleasantly surprised.

The Pakora batter was tasty and the samosas went down well too. The fried onions were a welcome addition to the box as was the salad. Proper indian dips were included in the box, my favourite in particular the chilli.

I kind of wish there had been the option to swap the beige chips for Miah’s Mirchi Chips (Spicy ones) as the chips were the only thing that didn’t look and taste amazing. Everything else in the box was spot on.

I really am glad I ordered the Saag Paneer on the side as this was honestly the best i’ve tasted, so fresh and the tomatoes were sweet and juicy and for a side, the portion was pretty good.

I would definitely order from Miah’s Kitchen again as I can imagine the curries being pretty tasty. Maybe as a treat we will get a curry box one weekend with a side of Mirchi chips and I’ll let you know what that’s like.

close up

There are various boxes available to try and larger curry box options from around £19.95. Delivery was £1.50 so the whole order came to around £14.40.


Our ratings:

Quality & Taste:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Value for Money:

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Overall Rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Value for money is lower simply because some local takeaways offer a slightly bigger portion for the price and we were missing our chicken kebab meat. But the food was delicious, hot and arrived on time.

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