Review // Rip It Up – The 70’s @ The Baths Hall

Rip It Up – The 70’s at The Baths Hall. Scunthorpe on Monday 4th November 2019.

Following on from 2 previous shows, which covered music from the 50’s and 60’s, Scunthorpe’s Bath Hall was the venue for Rip It Up’s latest show.

The show titled Rip It Up – The 70’s, was a show highlighting the music and trends of the 70’s, featuring a celebrity cast.

The show, which is presented by radio and TV presenter Paul Gambaccini on the big screen, is cut up into different segments that Paul hosts and talks about.
This is then followed up by performances from the cast performing popular songs from the 70’s including rock, disco, soul, pop and even Eurovision songs with costume changes for each one.

The show included songs from ABBA, David Bowie, Elton John, The Eagles, Queen, The Carpenters and many more.
There was a live band and several dancers who also performed on stage to each track whilst the singers were performing.
Between each segement there were also classic TV adverts from th 70’s featured on the big screen, as well as a look back at footage from the 70’s including a look at the fashion from that decade.

The celebrity line up featured Louis Smith MBE (Gymnast, Strictly Come Dancing), Rachel Stevens (S Club 7, Strictly Come Dancing), Melody Thornton (The Pussycat Dolls) and Giovanni Spano (The X Factor).
Giovanni was replacing Lee Ryan (Blue, Strictly Come Dancing, Eastenders) due to the fact the show date was rearranged.
As someone who doesn’t follow reality TV shows, I had no idea who he was, but was pleasantly by just how good his vocals were.
His voice really suited the rock songs and was probably my favourite perfomer of the night.
From what I have seen of Lee Ryan, whilst I am sure he could have put on a good show, I really feel he would have struggled to perform the songs to the same high standard that Giovanni did.

The Cast
©Image courtesy of Steven Potter

Giovanni and Melody were the main singers of the show, with Rachel spliting her time up between singing and dancing, with Louis dancing and singing a few lines every now and again.

Melody Thornton
©Image courtesy of Steven Potter

Melody proved to have a surprisingly great voice for most of the songs, but it wasn’t ideal for some of the rock tunes, but due to The Pussycat Dolls mostly being a showcase for Nicole Scherzinger we never really heard enough of any of the othe girls vocals.
Rachel put in a good performance, managing to impress with both her singing and dancing, which even included her performing her version of her song “More, More, More” which was originally a hit in the 70’s.
Louis put on a great performance with his dancing skills but vocally wasn’t great which is probably why he didn’t sing much and doesn’t really need to with the dancing skills he has.

Rachel Stevens
©Image courtesy of Steven Potter

The show was well put together with fabulous dance routines, a great live band, great lighting and superb costumes.
I had a great night and it was great to see a show like this in Scunthorpe, when it could easily have been booked elsewhere to perform at a bigger venue, as the show was that good.
Although nothing was announced, I am hoping that The Baths Hall continues to bring more of these show to it’s venue, so maybe next year we will get Rip It Up – The 80’s if it happens.

©Image courtesy of Steven Potter
©Image courtesy of Steven Potter

Review & Images courtesy of Steven Potter.

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