Food Review // The Beckwood ★★★★

On Saturday afternoon we decided to visit The Beckwood. I’d heard good things about the food here but hadn’t been for a while.

It is a little more pricey than popping to one of the local chain pubs, but I’d say it was worth it for a treat, you also expect this from a smaller independent pub for fresh home cooked style food.

There were a few groups, couples and families in but we managed to get a table. It’s advisable you book but we decided as a last minute thing.

We ordered some drinks at the bar, (bonus point they have Heineken 0.0 & other non alcoholic options) because having only coke or lemonade as an option at the pub when your driving or don’t fancy getting drunk gets rather boring. We were given a table number to sit at nestled between two other tables of people. The waitress brought over our menus and informed us there may be a wait on food.

We ordered the Steak & ale pie and Surf n Turf. We weren’t waiting long before our food arrived, which barely fit onto our small square table.

The steak & ale pie was probably one of the best we’ve tasted. The Beckwood weren’t tight on their meat helpings. Sometimes you struggle to find a piece in your pie, but not here!

The meat was melt in the mouth and the gravy was strong and flavourful, you could definitely taste the ale aspect of the pie. It came with hand cut chips, these were very nice and accompanying Carrots and Cauliflower that were cooked perfectly. To top it off you got your own gravy boat full of rich meaty gravy to pour where you like.

Steak & Ale Pie

The Surf & Turf was well presented. I’m not entirely sure you need so many different small dishes on one plate but it looked good, so maybe that’s the reason. The plate contained Scampi, Chips, Steak, Battered onion rings, Garden peas, Cherry tomatoes on the vine and a large flat mushroom.

The scampi was good quality, none of that “fishy mush” places sometimes pass off as Scampi. I asked for my steak medium rare and that is what I got. It was a nice bit of steak without lots of gristle. I liked the little vine cherry tomatoes on the side, it added a little sweetness to the dish.

Surf & Turf

Would we go back again, yes definitely. They do have some cheaper deals for lunch & tea time but I think for the amount of food, quality and taste it was worth treating ourselves.

The only thing we weren’t keen on, was only 1 room was open in the dinning area and the tables were REALLY close together so the strangers either side of you were pretty much on a date with us. You could hear every word they said and vice versa so it was a little bit awkward. It would have been better to have the tables spaced out into the adjoining room to improve the dinning experience. Other than that it was a pleasant meal out.

The meals came up to just over £25 for the two.

The Beckwood on Facebook

Address: 55 Holme Hall Ave, Scunthorpe DN16 3PZ

Rating (Out of 5):

Service: ★★★★

Hygiene:  ★★★★

Price & value for money: ★★★

Overall Dining experience:  ★★★ ★

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