Food Review // Legends “All You Can Eat Pizza” Cleethorpes

At the weekend we were in Cleethorpes for the “Festival Of The Sky” so decided to try out the new “All You Can Eat” stone baked Pizza and Chips.

It’s new to the seafront and has been set up in the former Legends nightclub, just above the main arcade row. From the outside it could be quite easily missed if it weren’t for the large pizza and chips signage.

Building exterior

We walked up the steps to the restaurant that is located on the upper floor. And it’s quite strange really; it is still an old nightclub. I have been on many nights out in Cleethorpes but I’d never visited this particular nightspot before. The layout of the old nightclub and even all the old rigging, lighting & decor is in place. So it’s quite different and surreal to be in a nightclub in the daytime and it be a restaurant.

We ordered our drinks at the first bar as you walk in, paid for our drinks and meal and were taken through to the main room and seated. Upon being seated we were told a bowl of chips would be brought over and asked what selection of sauce pots we would like.

We weren’t waiting long before the owner came over to take our orders. We were a little confused at first as we didn’t have a menu and thought they had forgotten to hand one over. But looking around the place, no one else had a menu either. We were told, “Why have a menu, when you can have what you want”, I mean this might be great to some people but we were a little lost and you felt a bit on the spot trying to guess what you could have. I suppose this added to the experience although it seemed like a game of guess what we’ve got.

The owner said “Tell me what you want and if we’ve got it you can have it as a topping” I searched my brain and had to think what i’d usually order at the supermarket fresh pizza counter. There were a few things we asked for that weren’t available and for the second pizza we had to ask “What meats do you have? as we were pretty stuck on what to ask for, it didn’t seem we were alone on that as I saw a few people around the room searching their minds for a list of pizza topping ingredients as their minds went blank with the choice.

I don’t think it’s a bad concept, it certainly saves on paper and restrictions on toppings but I feel a big blackboard on the wall with a list of chalked ingredients might have been somewhat helpful.

We weren’t waiting long for the food, and they weren’t tight on toppings. The base was tasty and thin. I’m not sure if they cooked the base a little first before adding the toppings then putting it back in the oven for a few seconds but I think they needed a little longer for the topping to heat up.

The Pizza

You can have a pizza each or you can share, Once you’ve finished they are back over with a paper and pen to write down what you’d like on your next one. The chips were like chippy chips, thick and fried, personal preference but I liked these. Between us we managed 3 pizzas but I feel we got our fill for the money and enjoyed the experience.

The place did have a certain unfinished hipster charm about it and it wasn’t a bad experience at all, just different! The staff were all polite, smiley and friendly and it was comfortable enough. It was worth the money, especially if you want to eat a lot of pizza.

Would we go again?….

Yeah, I think we maybe would if we were in Cleethorpes. It was a little different to the usual fish and chip supper on the seafront and it was an interesting venue setting.

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