Appreciation Award Winners // Scunthorpe Nights

The votes are in. Over 400 people voted on our public poll. Set out into individual categories.

We wanted to show some support and positive appreciation locally.

It was all a bit of fun to show suppport to those voted for by the local public.

Best live entertainment venue in Scunthorpe

Café Independent

This was a close call with the Lincoln Imp in the lead for the majority of the vote but overtaken in the last few weeks by the winner Cafe Independent on Scunthorpe High Street.

31% Cafe Indie 28% Lincoln Imp

Cafe INDIE has a pretty hipster vibe about it and offers a safe space for anyone in the Community to hang out. It offers vegan options on food as well as being host to many support groups, good causes and big gigs.

Best Local Band

Dirty Sterling

First place, grabbed by the band with one of the biggest local followings, even though they’ve had a break and had a few different members over the years, they are now back on the local scene with the original member line up. Dirty Sterling have a seriously strong back catalogue of original tunes that really get the crowd going. #DirtyArmy

Close Runners up included:

Pete Drake & Dog Day Afternoon


Lola’s Cocktail Bar

This was a clear majority win for local Lola’s Cocktail Bar. Lola’s is probably one of the trendiest places to go in Scunthorpe at the moment. With it’s wood cladded walls and modern feel, serving a wide range of Instagram worthy cocktails.

Runners up were Class 6 & The Malt Shovel.



Runners up The Lincoln Imp & The Adelphi in Hull.

Our final award was the award that received the least skips and the most votes of the whole survey/poll.

The venue has had MASSIVE support from it’s customers and received an astonishing amount of lovely comments.

Thank you to everyone who voted and well done to all the nominee’s you all deserve recognition for making our local area what it is. Some people may not see Scunthorpe as a great place but we do and we also see the great people, places, bands, music, theatre, arts, venues etc etc that’s why we do what we do!

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Volunteer run network to support our local area by showing what it has to offer.

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