Gig Review // Marshall Law @ The Comet

Review by William Hazon

Last Saturday night I visted the Comet Hotel, which is another local venue trying to keep live music available to the people of Scunthorpe.

On Saturday evening the entertainment was provided by rock covers trio, Marshall Law. A three piece band consisting of Kes Harrison (lead guitar & vocal) Mick Tomlinson (drums & vocal) and last but not least Steve Castle (lead vocal & bass).

There was a small but appreciative audience in the room, the Comet has a few rooms so the band coud be heard throughout the building so gauging the actual audience was difficult.
In the first set the band played recognisable cover songs from Billy Idol, Rolling Stones, Status Quo and Brian Adams.

For a trio they did produce a very full sound, one you woud expect from a band with more members.

They didn’t bother spending too much time introducing songs, so the gap between songs was kept to a minimum and continuity of music maintained throughout. Although the songs were all well known it appeared to please the audience, of which a part had specifically come to see Marshall Law play.
After a short break the band did their second set, which was very much like the first but still kept the audience interested.
I woud say that if anybody was interested in booking a very good covers band who are also good musicians and will spend more time playing tunes than talking then Marshall Law is that type of band.

Review by William Hazon

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